Choose a ring to suit the shape of your fingers

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Although it may seem obvious, choosing a ring that is adapted to your hand is not always easy. Just like clothes need to be adapted to your shape, rings should be chosen in accordance with the shape and length of your fingers. Here is a guide that will help you choose the best ring for you!

1/ For long fingers

If you have long fingers, you are in luck, because you have a wide range of options! All the same, avoid rings in the shape of a teardrop or a pear, as these tend to make your fingers appear longer again. Thin, long fingers are enhanced by rings with fairly large stones, which can add volume without overcrowding. In terms of engagement rings, the best are classic diamond solitaires, princess cut.

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2/ For short fingers

The best thing for short fingers is to wear a ring with stones that create the illusion of length. You should go for delicate, refined shapes such as the baguette, the pear, marquise cut, cushion cut, or the oval. And in terms of engagement rings, the ideal is to wear a thin band which gives the impression that the fingers are longer than they really are.

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3/ For large fingers

If your fingers are large or wide, you need a ring that will narrow and lengthen them. You should avoid square or rectangular rings, which are as wide as your fingers and thus don’t allow enough space on the sides to see your skin. The best choice in terms of shape is the pear, but you can also try out other styles with rounded edges, such as cushion cut or round stones.

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Source : Bagues Histoire d’Or