Can you breastfeed after a boob job?

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Does having implants mean you can’t breastfeed?

Maybe you’ve decided to have your boobs done, but you are worried about what that might mean for your children in the future. Or maybe you have always asked yourself whether women with implants can produce milk as normal. Here are the answers to all your most pressing questions!

Breast implants and breastfeeding are not incompatible

When we get our boobs done, the implants are generally placed behind the mammary gland. The breast milk canals therefore are untouched, and breastfeeding is completely possible. That said, in the case of specific implants intended to correct breast sagging, breastfeeding, while not impossible, could become a little more difficult: a very small part of the mammary gland may be removed, depending on the degree of sagging.

If the prosthesis comes out of place, is breastfeeding risky?

Even if this is very rare, breast implants are not immune to things going wrong, which can lead to the silicone moving out of place. In this case, as a precaution, breastfeeding is not recommended, even if studies tend to prove that this movement of the implant does not pose any real danger for the baby.

Before deciding on breast augmentation, ask your surgeon all the important questions

Even if you are not planning a family in the next few years, you may one day change your mind. Make sure to ask all the relevant questions before going under the knife! You should know all the important information about your operation and any possible consequences for pregnancy, if you ever were to try to conceive.

Credits : iStock