Britney Spears posted no-makeup selfies: she’s almost unrecognisable!

Screenshot Instagram/@Britneyspears

Britney Spears generally glams up in a big way for public appearances, often masking the reality behind the expensive makeup. From her early career in the Mickey Mouse Club, to her overweight, shaved head, alcohol fueled breakdown, the princess of pop hasn’t always had an easy time of it. When she appears on stage, she is usually made up to the max, wearing extravagant costumes, one as outlandish as the next, which doesn’t exactly give her a reputation as a ‘natural beauty’. However, when she wakes up in the morning, her hair undone and her face un-made up, this is when she feels most like herself.

Britney Spears appears to have given in to the “no makeup” phenomenon online, recently posting photos on Instagram of herself just having gotten out of bed, with her hear messy and her face nude. Posting the pictures wasn’t without risk for the star, who is almost never seen without at least a thick layer of foundation.

Publication shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) 28 Augustt 2017
At 35 years of age, the pop singer loses nothing by leaving the makeup palette to one side! Because she is even more beautiful when she isn’t drowning in a sea of foundation! Here we see a natural look that really suits her. 


Screenshot Instagram/@Britneyspears

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