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Boob contouring: give yourself the cleavage you’ve always wanted!

Screenshot : Gomar Beautytips/YouTube

Boob contouring: perfect the strapless dress!

So you’ve heard about contouring for your face? Now we have contouring for your cleavage, to make your boobs seem bigger or smaller, according to your tastes! Weddings, parties, nights out -contour your boobs as well as your face! This is a particularly effective beauty technique if you want to wear a strapless dress. Learn the basic techniques with this easy tutorial.

1/ With a bronzer stick, trace 4 parallel lines

Two above your collar bones, two below. Next draw one perpendicular line on either side, tracing the inside of your shoulder, as shown below.


2/ Draw a small “U”

Draw a small “U” between your collar bones, and a “bird” shape just above your boobs.


3/ Apply highlighter between the dark lines

These will be the brightest part of your chest.


4/ Smudge everything

Using something like a makeup sponge.


5/ Your cleavage will be highlighted in all the right places and your curves will be accentuated

Especially if you are wearing a top or a dress with a push up effect.


Here is a video tutorial using similar techniques: