Beautiful thighs for Summer in 6 exercises

Summer is coming and one can say goodbye to opaque tights! In order to have streamline legs on the beach this Summer, here are several easy tips which will give you firm legs! Say goodbye to nasty cellulite!

1/ Do lots of cycling, in all it’s forms

Downhill mountain biking, trekking or cycling in one’s apartment, the bicycle is ideal for giving your legs back their original elasticity! Aquabike is an excellent remedy against cellulite. Ride as much as you can!

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2/ Massage your legs after every shower

Massage allows one to firm one’s skin and to dislodge horrible cellulite which has settled in our thighs. Whether you use slimming creams or not, massage will only benefit you! After your daily shower, massage your legs with a bit of oil by focusing on the areas which are subject to cellulite, with circular movements which go from the top of the legs to the back.

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3/ Run

Running, and trail running (up steep mountains) allows you to have shapely and muscled thighs! Try to go running 2 to 3 times per week, for at least an hour at a time. Those who are more sporty can try several little climbs, or if the region is too flat you can increase the inclination of your treadmill. You can be assured that you will have toned thighs!

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4/ Do squats

Squats are fitness movements which target certain areas and which allow one to muscle one’s bottom and thighs easily and quickly if one does them regularly. Standing up straight, with your legs slightly parted and your thighs aligned keep your back straight and bend your legs. Your bottom should go back as if you are going to take a seat and your back going forward. You will start to feel your muscles heating up. The challenge : do 30 squats the first day, 40 the second, 50 the third and so on until you are able to do 250 squats on the 30th day.

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5/ Swim or walk in water

If you don’t enjoy swimming, you can walk in water up to your thighs. If you are lucky enough to live by the seaside, go walking regularly along the beach, place your thighs entirely in the water in order to create resistance and work them gently. The cold water will allow you to firm your skin in a 100% natural way!

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6/Go to the gym

For strong lean thighs you must get fit! Here are several exercises which you can do at home if you dislike going to the gym:

Conseils :, Lucille Woodward
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