An incubator that can allow you to be pregnant -remotely!!


Cultivate a foetus in nine months… in your sitting room!

Progress never seems to stop. But all the same, this advancement, created by a group of young innovators, is a bit unusual…. An incubator that allows you to be pregnant from afar, growing a baby like a plant -we find it difficult to imagine…. You wouldn’t be the first to find this incredible instrument a little spine chilling…

A plastic incubator for replacing the uterus and the need for pregnancy

The main objective of this futuristic incubator? To allow parents to live ‘normally’, and to continue to work as they please right throughout this remote pregnancy! But is pregnancy really so “abnormal”?


A device that you can place in your sitting room and check on from time to time

Like a plant that needs water and food (and a minimum level of love), the incubating foetus becomes an integral part of your home, and grows like a herb. You can monitor each step of its growth thanks to the transparent walls, and even talk to it, using a loudspeaker… And to feed it, nothing could be easier: an entrance is intended to transfer the appropriate liquids. Could the unique experience of giving life be under threat?


An idea that has never come into fruition

This project was born of an idea by a group of students in the school of Product Design Arnhem, and has never gotten past the brainstorming stage. But if nowadays we can raise a lamb foetus in an incubator, it should also be the case for humans in the not-too-distant future. According to the students, the utility of such equipment could be justified in the case of premature babies, for women for whom pregnancy would be very high risk, or even to replace surrogate mothers.