A tutorial to have curly hair without using a curling iron

Are you sick of  burning your too straight hair under the heat of a curling iron? The good news is that there are alternative ways to obtain curls; Here is an easy tutorial which allows you to obtain beautiful wavy curls without using your curling iron nor damaging them.

cheveux boucles

1/ Spray a bit of water onto  your hair in order to dampen it.

2/ Apply a drop of nourishing oil onto the tips.

3/ Separate your hair into several equal locks.  Attach the locks to the crown of the head.

4/ Take a piece of paper towel, give it the form of a roll and wind the lock around it. Once you have reached the roots make a knot.

5/Do the same thing to the rest of the locks.

6/ Wear a scarf around your head to protect your curls during the night.

7/ Gently remove the paper towel in the morning and see the result!

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