A self defense technique which can save your life

Young and pretty (and independant), one can be victim of a bad agression whilst leaving a night club… Without turning paranoid, learn how to defend yourself in the case of an attack from behind. In several minutes only, this video will teach you the basic gestures of self defense, efficient and accessible for everyone to play the Tomb Raider in modern times!


Brief summary :

1/ If you feel that someone has got hold of you from behind, think immediately of blocking your kneck, chin lowered onto the arms of your aggressor.

2/ Rapidly grab his wrists with your two hands.

3/ Move onto the side

4/ Hit the aggressor where it hurts, that is to say the genitals and raise your elbow in order to hit the chin.

5/ If your agressor lifts you from the ground, you can’t move to the side. Strike him in the genitals by taking a step forwards and kicking backwards.

6/ And above all, practise (your boyfriend will be happy….)!