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A range of beauty products for your vagina

Screenshots: Instagram/Theperfectv

A range of products that leave us speechless

Following the glitter capsules that were supposed to fragrance our vaginal secretions, here is a new invention destined for our long suffering intimate areas, not from the United States this time, but from Scandinavia: a whole range of cosmetic products, including BB cream (renamed VV cream), beauty mist and illuminator. Where will it all stop?

VV cream, illumiator, serum, perfumes and scrubs: the products on offer for your intimate area

The Danish brand The Perfect V is pioneering this dubious business: they offer a whole range of special cosmetics for the bikini area, including a day cream (rechristened VV cream), supposed to hydrate your vaginal lips, keep them glowing and to prevent ingrown hairs. It also offers a refreshing beauty mist, a serum and even an illuminator, to highlight and brighten the fine skin of this part of your anatomy…. The cherry on the cake: a deodorising perfume, enhanced with damask rose oil and fruity extracts….

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A range inspired by less than modest Scandinavian women!

These beauty products for the bikini area were developed by expert in cosmetics Avonda Urben, who was inspired by Scandinavian women, who are reputedly very much at ease in the nude! But the supposedly immodest public’s reaction was perhaps not what the brand had hoped for: dozens of negative comments started appearing on their Twitter page, calling the range an ‘abberation’, ‘crazy’ or even ‘creepy’. One Twitter commentator even suggested the trend made her want to change species! We can’t say we entirely disagree….