A quick cross over bun hairstyle!

Credit: Capture Video
Credit: Capture Video

A glamorous bun that takes less than 5 minutes to style!

If you have an event to go to, don’t spend ages in front of the mirror trying to create a glamorous updo or spend money at a hairstylist. We have found for you a tutorial that is easy and quick to do, which will give you a bun hairstyle fit for a princess or it can even be used for your wedding day! Weave yourself this fun hairstyle!

How to do it!

1/ Separate your hair into 4 ponytails at the same height level as the top of your ear.

2/ Take the first ponytail and make a hole above the elastic band and pass through the hair right to left. Repeat with the other 3 ponytails.

3/ Take your ponytail and separate it into two sections. Cross over the top ponytail to the bottom, and bring the bottom ponytail to the top and pin to the top of your head. Repeat with the other 3 ponytails.

4/ Take the 4 bottoms ponytails from the bottom section and smooth over to one side and tie into a loose ponytail. If you have long hair you will need to plait your ponytail. Then tuck the hair length underneath your crossed over hair and pin it into place, hiding it.

5/ Take all the top 4 ponytails and hold them as one ponytail, and smooth out. Turn the hair inwards to make the section twist, which will make the bun look pretty. Then take pins and pin it around the bun, tucking the ends inside.

6/ Loosen a few front pieces.

Credit: Capture Video