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A plant based, hormone-free contraceptive pill soon to come on the market?

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An organic pill as a means of contraception -do we believe it or not?

It has to be said that the proof is on the way to showing that the plant based pill, devoid of hormones, is indeed the future of contraception! American researchers in the University of Berkeley recently published the results of their first clinical tests on the plant based contraceptive pill, and the results were quite convincing! Could this be the start of a mini revolution?

A plant based contraceptive pill

Inside this miracle pill, you will find pristimerin, an active plant ingredient contained in a rare type of Chinese vines, and lupeol, another active ingredient present in mangos, olives, or dandelion root. These two active ingredients combined block the activation of sperm and work as a contraceptive.

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10 times more effective than classic hormone based contraceptive pills

The product was tested on the sperm of four men and the results were clear: this mixture of plants proved 10 times more effective than hormonal contraceptives. The laboratories were only part of the story -Mother Nature did all the hard work! And that is truly excellent news.

A pill that works for men as well as women

And the icing on the cake: this pill works on women, of course, but also on men, and comes in the form of patches if necessary.

Say goodbye to side effects

We’ve all heard it said that the pill can considerably reduce your libido, cause fatigue and make the skin dull. Not to mention the health problems that can follow and the damage to the environment. But if this pill, which is still at the testing stages, becomes commercially available, all that will be ancient history!

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