A new technique for a successfully applied eyeliner

Ah eyeliner ! So classy, sophisticated and unfortunately difficult to apply correctly. It’s an endless battle, one wants a fine line, one makes a mini smudge or one eye thicker than the other. One tries to make up for it and  end up overdoing it so one decides to start again or to erase a bit of the line (but one removes too much)!! Here is finally a new technique to successfully apply  eyeliner. 

What you will need :

  • An eyeliner with a fine and precise black or coloured end tip.

The steps :

1) Make the first dash above the tear duct, in the interior corner of the eye.

liner 1

2) Make a little dot at the start of your iris.

liner 2

3)Make a second dot the same size above your pupil

liner 3

4) Make a slightly longer line vertically than the dots done precedently.

liner 4

5) At the external corner of your eye, draw a a line slightly longer than step 4.

liner 5

6) The last dots to be drawn are one in the hollow of the eye and the other in align with the outer corner of the eyebrow.

liner 6


7) Link the dots. Tilting  your head will make it easier and you can take your time with this step.

liner 8

8) Make a a line from the outer external corner of the eye to the tip of the line.

liner 9

9) Fill it in.

liner 10

The explanatory video :