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    10 completely ridiculous “fashion” items!

    Screenshot Pinterest

    Are the trends mocking us?

    We’ve all suffered for fashion at some stage, and at times we have suffered looking completely ridiculous! All it takes is for something a little out of the ordinary to become a craze, and presto, a few months later, despite all our doubts, we find ourselves wearing it! But sometimes, we have to draw the line. A few of the following seem to have crossed that line…!

    1/ A hairy swimsuit

    A bikini with an unkempt ‘forest’, what do you think? Given how hard you have to work for your beach body, you’d have to think twice!

    Screenshot Pinterest

    2/ An arm bag

    No, not a hand bag, but an arm bag…. Prisoner chic, huh?

    Screenshot Pinterest

    3/ Plastic skinnies

    A pair of rain jeans? Or to let our inner exhibitionists run loose? Whatever the case, don’t forget a pair of full briefs!

    Screenshot Pinterest

    4/ Tracksuit in two

    This crazy creation by Rihanna may be a step too far… Only she could get away with this!

    Screenshot Pinterest

    5/ Denim jacket with shoulder holes

    Whatever about holes in the knees of your jeans, we’re not sure what to say about having the shoulders completely cut out of your jacket…!

    Screenshot Pinterest
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    Transform his Y-fronts into a fashion bra!!

    Screenshot: Youtube/Caroline

    It’s crazy what you can do with a pair of underpants!

    Are you sick of seeing the same tired underpants on your man’s pert derriere for the last six years? Make a break for it with a pair, to create some gorgeous bra tops for yourself! Caroline and Capucine are two old friends with loads of great ideas, who decided to take on this challenge: the following steps will guide you through their easy tutorials….

    1/ A bra top in the snip of a scissors

    1/ Choose some printed briefs, either new ones or ones you have pinched from your other half, and lay them out on a flat surface.

    2/ Start by cutting out the crotch from front to back, leaving the outer seams. Be careful to keep a steady hand so that you cut in straight lines.

    3/ Follow the seams of the briefs to form narrow bra straps.

    And there you go, it’s ready to wear!

    Screenshot Youtube/ Caroline

    2/ A low necked bra with some easy sewing

    1/ Choose a printed underpants and lay it out on a flat surface.

    2/ Start by cutting out the crotch of the underpants.

    3/ Follow the seams to form the bra straps.

    4/ Fold down the material that is remaining and sew a rough hemline at the back. No need to be a pro when it comes to sewing, a few basic stitches will do the trick!

    And there you go, a new low-necked bra top!

    Screenshot YouTube / Caroline

    3/ A bra top for nights out

    1/ Choose some briefs with a chic pattern and lay them out on a flat surface.

    2/ Start by cutting out the crotch as usual, and following the outer seams to make the bra straps.

    3/ Continue cutting until you have removed the entire back of the briefs.

    4/ Keep just the seams and waistband, in order to form the back of the bra.

    5/ For a perfect finish, sew a few hemlines on each side, folding in the edges.

    Screenshot: YouTube / Caroline

    4/ A support bra

    1/ Choose a stretchy, patterned underpants and lay it out on a flat surface.

    2/ Start by cutting out the crotch, as usual, but leaving enough material to create a high neck.

    3/ Cut the underpants following the seams on the left and right, and cut out the whole back of the underpants.

    4/ When you get to the elastic waistband, continue cutting along it.

    5/ Add two or three bands of additional elastic in the colour of your choice (that you can get in any sewing shop), and sew the ends together.

    Screenshot: YouTube / Caroline

    5/ A bikini top with a zip

    For this version, follow the same steps as in model 2 (cutting in front and behind), but this time, instead of sewing in a hem, sew on a zip that you bought in a haberdashery.

    Screenshot: YouTube / Caroline

    Watch a video using similar techniques:


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    6 DIY tips to transform a men’s shirt into a fashion item

    The Felted Fox

    Nothing goes to waste!

    Is your man unsure of what to do with his shirts that have gotten a little too big or small for him? Don’t be so quick to throw them out, and make the most of their fashion potential! You could be pleasantly surprised. Here are 6 ideas for incredible transformations.

    1/ A skirt

    Transform an old striped shirt with worn sleeves into a fashionable, and completely unique skirt! Definitely something to brag about. Here is the tutorial.

    2/ An off the shoulder dress

    Like Brigitte Bardot in San Tropez!

    3/ A pretty knotted crop top

    A ‘wrap’ style crop top, that rocks! Click here for the tutorial.

    The Felted Fox


    4/ A child’s dress

    Dressed in her daddy’s cast offs in less than 20 minutes! Find the tutorial here.

    5/ An off the shoulder top

    It doesn’t get more preppy than this!

    6/ Open back

    So sexy !




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    6 fashion tips to make you look taller

    Montage : 100%Féminin.fr; Credits : Asos.fr/Pexels.com

    Magic tips to use the art of optical illusion to gain a few inches

    When you’re barely 5 ft 4, you’re often looking for any kind of clothing and accessories that will make you look taller. But you know what we’re going to say: the best of things come in small packages! But if you are looking to gain a bit of height, here are a few sneaky tricks to apply to your wardrobe to make yourself appear a few inches taller.

    1/ Wear clothes with vertical stripes

    To use optical illusions to make yourself look taller, go for stripes, as long as they are vertical. In fact, details on clothing (e.g. zips, pleats or creases) in vertical lines draw the eye from top to bottom and lengthen your silhouette.

    Montage : 100%Féminin.fr ; Credits : Asos.fr

    2/ Wear the same colour on the top and bottom

    One-pieces are back in fashion, so make the most of it! Wearing clothes in contrasting colours (for example, a black skirt and a red top) will only have the effect of dividing your body into two distinct parts, accentuating the fact that you are petite. By contrast, wearing clothes in the one colour or at least in similar colours, you create the illusion of height.

    Montage : 100%Féminin.fr ; Credits : Boohoo/Asos.fr

    3/ Avoid clothes with large patterns

    Clothes with very bold or large patterns can overload your silhouette, especially if you are petite all over. Choose clothes with discreet and uniform patterns.

    Credits : Pexels.com

    4/ Don’t wear oversize clothes

    Don’t drown in your clothes! If they are too ample, they give the impression that you are even shorter and wider than you really are.

    Credits : Pexels.com

    5/ Go for a short haircut

    Having long hair when we are short can have the reverse effect: very long hair can shorten your silhouette!

    Credits : Pexels.com

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    7 fashion tips for camouflaging your bum

    Fashion tips to help minimise your derriere!

    Ah the classic “I hate my bum” syndrome! Checking how it looks every two minutes in the mirror, we can become mildly obsessed! And when we happen to be well-endowed in that region, choosing a pair of jeans or trousers is nothing short of an obstacle course. However, remember that bigger bums are now the height of fashion, and you are a source of envy for your skinny sisters! All the same, here are a few easy tips to camouflage your bum, if you have a bit of a complex about it (however unnecessary!)

    1/ Choose trousers, jeans and skirts with large back pockets

    Could you give J-Lo a run for her money? Banish tiny pockets, which could give the effect of a wider backside. Choose jeans, trousers and skirts with large pockets.

    Credits : SplitShire/Pixabay

    2/ Choose shape-flattering underwear

    Your underwear plays a very important role -don’t overlook it! Forget granny knickers and go for thongs or push-up shorts, with a large band on top.

    Credits : ErikOzSvath/Pixabay

    3/ Avoid wearing tops that stop in the middle of the bum area

    Tops that stop half way down your bum only draw attention to your ample derriere! Opt instead for tops that stop at the belt-line or above the bum. Tops that go to mid hip length and cut horizontal lines across your bum are to be avoided at all costs.

    Crédits : Pixabay

    4/ Don’t wear prints on your lower half.

    Keep flowers, animals and coloured patterns for tops and shirts, because prints can give the impression of increased size and volume. Choose black, marine blue or dark brown for your trousers. Dark colours are very slimming.

    Crédits : Pixabay

    5/ Avoid shiny fabrics

    Stop with the satins, you are not going to do your bum any favours! The same goes for soft materials (linen or viscose fabrics), which show off too much and can highlight cellulite.

    Credits : Pixabay

    6/ Wear dresses

    Dresses, your backside’s best friend! Choose sexy pin up styles with a belt or a bustier.

    Credits : Pixabay

    7/ Draw attention to other parts of your body

    Want to take the focus off your bum? Highlight another part of your body instead, for example, by showing off a hint of cleavage. Accessorising is also a great way of diverting attention.

    Credits : Sheva Creations/Pixabay


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    Wedding fashion: 14 cocktail dresses to make a sensation!

    The perfect pattern, the cutest cut -14 cocktail dresses to steal the show

    Your best friend is just about to get married and you still haven’t chosen an outfit! Summer is here, and with it, the endless stream of wedding invitations coming through the letter box. Here are a few of the most beautiful examples from a recent collection from Pronovias, that should help you find the one for you!

    1/ Empire silhouette

    This magnificent pearl beaded creation is to die for!

    Credits : Pronovias

    2/ The classic black gown, with a flowery twist

    Black is always the height of chic, but can be a little dark for summer. The colourful flowers revitalise and update the look for summer, giving a new lease of life to the classic black dress.

    Credits : Pronovias

    3/ The maxi

    This bright and airy robe falls perfectly and gives an enchanting, fairytale effect.

    Credits : Pronovias

    4/ Canary yellow

    This daring colour flatters all shades of blonde, but can also work for brunettes.

    Credits : Pronovias

    5/ Dusky pink

    Add a touch of sweetness to the ceremonies, with this dusky pink sensation!

    Credits : Pronovias

    6/ A vibrant tulle

    The flowery bust and tulle skirt will suit the most vibrant of bridesmaids!

    Credits : Pronovias

    7/ Greek style revisited

    This Greek style dress has swapped its virginal white for a vibrant green. We love the delicate detail on the back.

    Credits : Pronovias

    8/ The femme fatale

    The short skirt is balanced with long sleeves -a classy option with plenty of character!

    Credits : Pronovias

    9/ Gala dress

    With this satin dress, you’ll feel like the belle of the ball!

    Credits : Pronovias

    10/ Floral print

    The feminine flowers give the impression of being almost part of your body in this pretty design.

    Credits : Pronovias

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    8 fashion tips you’ve never heard of

    Original tips to solve your fashion frustrations

    Do your bra straps keep falling down, despite your best efforts to keep them in place? Make a racer-back bra with a simple paper clip! Has your favourite shirt seen better days? Give it back its lustre with just a little lemon juice. Here are these tips, and many more, to take fashion frustration out of your daily life.

    1/ Transform your bra

    With a simple paper clip, join the two straps of your bra to keep them together. Farewell to visible bra straps, hello racer-back!

    Credits : Les Eclaireuses

    2/ Whiten your clothes in jig time

    To bring your white shirts back to their original brilliance, spray a little lemon juice on them, especially in the creases and armpits, before popping them in the machine.

    Credits : Fab How

    3/ Master the 25 ways to tie a scarf

    With a few simple tips, a scarf offers a myriad of possibilities!

    Credits: winkgo

    4/ Create a brand new top from an old blouse

    Are you sick of wearing the same old things every week? We hear you! Customise a tired old shirt with this simple tip, which consists of simply wrapping a little string around each shoulder strap, and attaching the two parts of the collar together with a pretty hair clip!











    Montage: 100%feminin.fr

    5/ Spruce up your belt buckles

    To give your belt buckles back their lustre, soak them in white vinegar and polish them with an old toothbrush. Simple and efficient!

    Montage : 100%Féminin.fr

    6/ Smooth wrinkled clothes with the help of your kettle

    If you don’t have time to hit the ironing board when you’re on the way out the door, instead, turn on the kettle and dangle the clothes over it. The steam will have a smoothing out effect. This also works with steam from the shower, or from a pot of boiling water.

    Credits : Wikihow

    7/ Soften your new shoes with a hairdryer

    Are your new ballerina pumps giving you blisters? Don your thickest socks and plug in your hairdryer -a fifteen minutes blast should relax the material of your shoes and make them instantly more wearable.

    Credits : Wikihow

    8/ Tie-Dye your tights for an original look!

    You know how to dye your hair, but when it comes to your tights, you might not be so sure! However, tie-dye tights are sure to boost your street cred! Dying them in a basin, you can work wonders!

    Credits: soimakestuff.com


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    3 fashion items to steal from your boyfriend

    You can’t find anything in your wardrobe and as usual it seems you have nothing original to put on. In that case, have a peek in your guy’s closet -even if he won’t be too thrilled when he sees you wearing his favourite shirt that is just back from the dry-cleaners! We have selected three typically male fashion items that can help you rejuvenate your look, while still maintaining your feminine allure!

    His jeans

    No need to buy a pair of ‘boyfriend jeans’ in the women’s department if your man is close to your own size, or even a size bigger than you if he wears skinny jeans. With the legs of the jeans rolled up, a belt around the middle and some black or nude pumps, you’re fashion-forward from head to toe! For a more relaxed look, replace the pumps with white runners. Be sure to wear a fitted top to narrow your waist and show off your silhouette. According to our beloved Christina Cordula, the queen of fashion and of shopping, this is an ideal look for ‘inverted triangle’ or ‘straight’ body types.

    Credits : Levi’s

    His shirt

    The ‘man’s shirt look’ brings to mind images of an actress, barely awake but fresh as a daisy, wearing her lover’s oversize shirt, brushing her teeth with sexy cleavage on show and nothing underneath…. It’s definitely a natural look! However, without giving in to clichés, there are many ways to make your guy’s shirt an integral part of your wardrobe, without necessarily attracting the wrong sort of attention! For business or beach wear, the ‘man’s shirt’ is a winner for its versatility and comfort.

    Credits : Pepe Jean London

    His watch

    A masculine watch gives an attractive oversize look when worn on your wrist, and adds another dimension to your outfit. You can wear it on its own or with a few bracelets or bangles, making sure not to over-accessorise. If you are looking for a present for your other half that you can enjoy as well, go for a unisex model that can work for both of you! With a high-end vintage watch, you can create a casual-chic style that is suitable for the office, projecting an air of strength and confidence.

    Credits : Pexels/Pixabay
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    10 amazing fashion facts that you may be unaware of

    Fashion hides a world full of secrets…

    Do you love fashion? You would be willing to sell your own mother for a pair of Louboutin shoes? Do you know at least that the brand Stan Smith was the name of a tennis player, that before the Second World War, it was not only the girls who wore dresses, or that famous brands have their clothes made by prisoners? If you are a self-respecting fashionista here are some unusual facts to know about your favorite subject!

    1/Until 1940, girls, but also boys, wore dresses

    It is roughly from the beginning of the Second World War that the dresses became specific for girls. Before, children’s clothing did not attach any importance to sex. Boys also used to wear little heals.

    2/ The bikini made scandal and was even banned in several European countries

    The bikini invented by Louis Réard, a French automobile engineer, caused scandal and was even banned in Italy, Spain and Portugal at the time of its creation. In Germany, it was banned in public swimming pools until 1970.

    Crédits : Pixabay

    3/ Some brands have their clothes made by prisoners.

    In the United States and England in particular, several clothing brands use inmates to make their ready-to-wear collections.

    3/ In a Frenchman that invented the mini skirt

    It is André Courrèges, the creator of the eponymous brand, who invented the miniskirt.

    Crédits : Pixabay

    4/ The wedding dress with the longest train measured 2750 metres

    The train of the longest wedding dress in the world is that of a Romanian bride who wed on 20 March 2012.

    5/ Denim ‘jeans is French and comes from… Nîmes

    In the 1850s, a certain German Levi Strauss, a 24-year-old German immigrant, attempted to sell to the miners of California overalls made from the same fabric. Originally in brown tones, the trousers then become blue, the colour we know now and made in a fabric much less heavy, cotton, called “denim” by the Americans, with reference to the twill of the City of Nîmes, fabric produced since the 17th century.

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    10 Fashionable festival looks

    If you’re lucky to be heading to the USA festival Coachella, which is in April you might want to start thinking about your outfit now!

    The Summer is approaching (YAY!) and with that comes months of music festivals and depending on which one you are going to will determine your look. Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Isle of White Festival, Reading, Wireless, Bestival… in the UK alone we have a fantastic mix of music festivals.

    Going to see your favorite bands, DJ’s and musicians with your friends or family requires the perfect outfit not only to look great but to survive the harsh conditions you will face whilst at a festival. Here are a few inspirational ideas to find your perfect look for when you are dancing in the mud, dust or straw!

    1/ Wellies and Boots

    The boots are the must have accessory for the summer to be work with mini shorts. They will be your perfect allies against the elements whilst being stylish. All types of boots are permitted wellies, hiking, cowboy, leather ankle boots, laced boots, knee high boots… the options are endless!


    10 plus beaux looks de festival


    2/ Virginal White

    Like in Madonnas song, dressing like a virgin in white is the perfect look for festivals when the sun is shining. Denim shorts, lace tops or dresses in cotton, mix it up with different fabrics it will also bring out your summer tan!

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    9 Disney princesses illustrated as modern fashionista women!

    If Disney princess inspired you when you were little, then they can continue to inspire you as a grown woman! These illustrations have imagined our favorite princesses as modern woman, a hipster Jasmine, Punk Pocahontas or a curvy sexy Snow White. Drawn by young artists, here are 9 of our favorites:

    1/ Jasmine a campaigner for love of animals, especially cats

    Cody Bond
    Cody Bond

    2/ A tattooed funky Pocahontas!

    Amber Vrsan
    Amber Vrsan

    3/ A cute Aurora, maybe she will wake up only to hit the high street sales!

    Katie Chandler
    Katie Chandler

    4/ A curvaceous Snow White

    Lisa Sterle
    Lisa Sterle

    5/ Ariel proud member of the mermaid gang

    Lisa Sterle
    Lisa Sterle

    6/ Belle, loving roses even as tattoos!

    Christian Cimoroni
    Christian Cimoroni

    7/ Elsa in her casual look, the ice queen!

    Kaylee Davis
    Kaylee Davis

    8/ Tiana with an afro, princess funk!

    Darian Artis Shepherd
    Darian Artis Shepherd

    9/ Mérida, brave princess!

    Kaylee Davis
    Kaylee Davis


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    13 fashion illustrations created with food

    The young illustrator from New Zealand Kristina Webb doesn’t limit her drawings to only paper. Flower petals, salad leaves, playing cards or even pencil shavings are used to create her inventive dresses. Here are a few of our favorites from her book Color Me Creative.

    1/ A dress made out of lettuce, a dress that’s a tip of the “iceberg”!

    13 illustrations incroyables avec de vrais objets (9)

    2/ A peacock feather dress.

    13 illustrations incroyables avec de vrais objets (13)

    3/ Spaghetti hair, for yummy locks!

    13 illustrations incroyables avec de vrais objets (8)

    4/ Pretty Rose flowers for dresses !

    13 illustrations incroyables avec de vrais objets (1)

    5/ Pencil shavings for this fun dress!

    13 illustrations incroyables avec de vrais objets (5)

    6/ A sweet tooth dress.

    13 illustrations incroyables avec de vrais objets (4)

    7/ Autumnal leaves

    13 illustrations incroyables avec de vrais objets (3)

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