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    7 surprising beauty objects that look more like instruments of torture!

    Montage : 100Féminin/Credits: FaceWaver/AliExpress

    Maybe the first time your other half caught a glimpse of your eyelash curler, you were met with a quizzical look, wondering what use you could possibly have for this instrument of torture! And maybe you even took pleasure in drawing out the suspense and making him guess. The same for the beauty blender, the little makeup sponge whose cosmetic use may not exactly be obvious at first glance. Here is a list of truly off-the-wall beauty tools, that will make you realise your own makeup kit is very mundane and ordinary!

    1/ An anti-wrinkle mask

    This strange mask is supposedly a great ally in getting rid of wrinkles and smoothing your face, by forcing your face into bizarre facial exercises!

    Credits: FaceWaver

    2/ A false lash applicator

    A 100% plastic instrument which promises a perfect false lash line! The white part takes the glue and the blue part allows you to hold the lashes.

    Credits: Aliexpress.com

    3/ A curling pencil

    Curl your hair without heat, with this tiny little instrument: a mini curler! By wrapping your hair around it and forming mini buns which you wear all day long, you can recreate some elegant vintage curls!

    Credits: sarahforshaw.wordpress.com

    4/ A lip stamp

    A somewhat surprising invention: a lip stamp. Apply it to your lips like a stamp, in the lip colour of your choice. We just hope the model matches the size and shape of your lips….

    Credits: Amazon.com

    5/ A mascara applicator

    To prevent your mascara from smudging during application, try out the Mascara Guard, a gadget that is quite frankly useless for holding your pose…

    Credits: Amazon.com

    6/ The beauty spoon

    The beauty spoon is an ingenious tool that means you will never again waste even a drop of your khol eyeliner. Thanks to its integrated spatula, say goodbye to waste!

    Credits: beautyspoon.com

    7/ T-Rex clips

    With such a name, these new-generation hair clips would have you running for the hills! That said, they could help you out when styling your unruly hair.


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    10 of the craziest beauty accessories you’ve ever seen

    Girls showed an eyelash curler to guys and asked them what they thought it was: their responses are hilarious!


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    A range of beauty products for your vagina

    Screenshots: Instagram/Theperfectv

    A range of products that leave us speechless

    Following the glitter capsules that were supposed to fragrance our vaginal secretions, here is a new invention destined for our long suffering intimate areas, not from the United States this time, but from Scandinavia: a whole range of cosmetic products, including BB cream (renamed VV cream), beauty mist and illuminator. Where will it all stop?

    VV cream, illumiator, serum, perfumes and scrubs: the products on offer for your intimate area

    The Danish brand The Perfect V is pioneering this dubious business: they offer a whole range of special cosmetics for the bikini area, including a day cream (rechristened VV cream), supposed to hydrate your vaginal lips, keep them glowing and to prevent ingrown hairs. It also offers a refreshing beauty mist, a serum and even an illuminator, to highlight and brighten the fine skin of this part of your anatomy…. The cherry on the cake: a deodorising perfume, enhanced with damask rose oil and fruity extracts….

    Daily Mail

    A range inspired by less than modest Scandinavian women!

    These beauty products for the bikini area were developed by expert in cosmetics Avonda Urben, who was inspired by Scandinavian women, who are reputedly very much at ease in the nude! But the supposedly immodest public’s reaction was perhaps not what the brand had hoped for: dozens of negative comments started appearing on their Twitter page, calling the range an ‘abberation’, ‘crazy’ or even ‘creepy’. One Twitter commentator even suggested the trend made her want to change species! We can’t say we entirely disagree….


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    Girls showed a beauty blender to guys and asked them what they thought it was: here are the funniest responses!

    The beauty blender, a sponge like no other that could cause confusion!

    The contents of our makeup kit aren’t always easy to interpret! At first glance, the beauty blender is anything but a makeup sponge! This is what gave us the idea: ask our readers to show it to the men in their lives and ask them what they thought this mystery object could be. Here are the funniest responses we received.

    Credits : Beauty Blender

    A flamingo egg

    A princess’s tear

    It’s for a guitar -ummm, I can’t remember what it’s called but its to give a sharper sound

    A remote control sex toy

    A strawberry suppository

    A pumice stone disguised as something else

    It’s clear that it’s not a sex toy, the material is too spongey

    A toy for a cat

    The GPS arrow in pink

    A vegetable that you put in couscous, just a different colour

    An anal plug

    Ear plugs

    A drop of pink water

    A sweet potato

    An egg with a sock on

    A vibrating egg

    It’s a makeup thing, I’ve seen it before

    A tampon

    A panty liner

    A rose petal

    What is this fricking thing? A ball?

    A shit sponge

    Something you put in your vagina

    The nose of a soft toy

    A sponge contraceptive

    A nose or a nail

    The breast cancer symbol

    A speaker for listening to music

    Something for periods

    An egg with carpet

    It’s a sponge that’s all I know! You have one in the bathroom!

    A mini pouffe

    A ball of wool

    A device for cleaning your lady parts

    A pill

    It’s a Beauty Blender don’t you know, which helps you apply foundation. Okay I looked it up on the internet!

    A thing for taking off makeup

    A testicle protector

    A melted strawberry sweet

    A sponge for doing your nails

    A cushion

    A plectrum for playing the guitar

    An egg wrapped in wool

    A sweet

    An egg timer

    A whiskey nose

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    10 beauty bugbears illustrated that every woman can identify with!

    The situations we have all found ourselves in

    Lip gloss that sticks to our hair at the smallest puff of wind, bra straps that go AWOL, blisters from wearing stilettos….. Being a woman is never easy! Here are 10 humorous designs created for Brightside by Anna Syrovatkina, an illustrator who fully understands all our feminine dilemmas!

    1/ Our semi-permanent tattoos from trying out various lipstick shades

    2/ The million plasters we put on before heading out in our stilettos, so as not to be a complete martyr

    3/ Hair that sticks to our lips when we had the preposterous idea of wearing lip gloss in a storm

    4/ Our attempts to recreate celebrity style, usually a complete failure….

    5/ The moment we take off our bra…

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    7 completely unique beauty tips for everyday life

    Amazing beauty tips

    Have you had enough of searching for the exactly right shade of lip gloss? Are you tired of never finding the right texture of makeup remover? Here are a few inexpensive tips that you have never thought of. It’s time to get out your copybooks! DIY beauty like you’ve never seen it before.

    1/ Wax crayons + coconut oil = a 100% personalised lip gloss

    Mix some pieces of wax crayon with coconut oil, that you have previously melted in a bain marie. You can determine the exact shade you want to create! Find the video tutorial here.

    Montage : 100%Féminin ; Credits : Crayola/Pixabay/Beauty TakenIn on YouTube

    2/ Essential oil + Guérande salt = perfumed bath salts

    Cut costs! Instead of running to the beauty store looking for the most natural type of bath salts, just make your own! All you need is a few drops of essential oil of the perfume of your choice (lavender, petit grain orange…) to mix with coarse grain salt. Find another easy recipe here.

    Montage : 100%Féminin ; Credits : Pixabay/Wikipedia

    3/ Lemon + vinegar = a natural nail varnish remover

    If your nail varnish is already very chipped, you can make it disappear with this mix of lemon and vinegar. This saves your poor lungs from choking on the chemicals from your usual industrial alternative.

    Montage : 100%Féminin ; Credits : Pixabay

    4/ Olive oil + unrefined cane sugar = a gentle scrub

    Pamper your skin with this sweet recipe! A little sugar well mixed with olive oil and there you go, as if by magic, you have a gentle scrub. Find the recipe and video tutorial here.

    Montage : 100%Féminin ; Credits : Pixabay

    5/ Bicarbonate of soda + essential oil = a home made deodorant

    Did you know that Palmarosa essential oil alone is capable of eliminating the pesky perspiration odours that your armpits present you with at the end of the day? As well as removing bacteria? Add a little bicarbonate of soda and pour the whole lot into an old glass roll-on container, for a home made deodorant that will cost you next to nothing!

    6/ Cornflour + cacao powder = a gourmet dry shampoo

    Cornflour has the ability to absorb excess oils secreted by your scalp. Sprinke a little on your fringe just as you would with dry shampoo: the magic works in no time! Brunettes can add a little cacao powder for a gourmet fragrance.

    Montage : 100%Féminin ; Credits : Pixabay/Wikimedia

    7/ Mineral water + olive oil = a cheap makeup remover

    Remove your makeup without spending too much with this easy mix! Apply a little olive oil (ideally organic) to a little mineral water on a cotton bud, and enjoy its softness and effectiveness.

    Montage : 100%Féminin ; Credits : Celtic/Bio Planet


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    7 repulsive beauty rituals that are all the rage

    Beauty rituals that leave a lot to be desired

    Are mud baths, clay masks or shampooing with egg yokes not exactly your cup of tea? Well this might put it in perspective for you: by comparison to what we are about to show you, those beauty treatments will seem deliciously appetising! Here are 7 beauty rituals from here and elsewhere that will have you running for the hills!

    1/ Snail facial

    A facial treatment based on snail slime, involving live snails sliding all over your face like a lettuce leaf? We’ll pass on that, thank you very much! Their slime however could be good for your skin, allegedly a veritable elixir of youth….. We are not exactly rushing to the salon for this one….

    Screenshot: Asie News/YouTube

    2/ Bee stings

    Who would have believed that a bee sting could be good for your health? Not us! Especially because the poor insect dies in the process. A mortal sacrifice for a few seconds of a ‘glow’. In any case, and according to celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, a bee’s venom can be particularly beneficial for treating inflammation such as tendonitis for example. The method involves placing living bees on the site of pain with the aid of a tweezers….. And you pay for this…..?

    Screenshot: La Une/YouTube

    3/ An exfoliating bath with eels

    Did you know that eels can exfoliate your skin? A little like a fish pedicure, but it’s your whole body this time that is immersed in a bath full of eels intended to remove dead skin from your body with their sharp teeth… We understand if you’re not exactly chomping at the bit…..

    Credits : Naturalogy/Pixabay

    4/ A diet of worm….singular

    A diet to make your blood run cold, as repulsive as it is dangerous for your health: the technique consists of being implanted with a worm that can grow to 9 metres long in your stomach, in the hope that it will eat the food you ingest in your place….

    Credits : CristinaDesigner/Pixabay

    5/ Face cream enriched with placenta

    In certain face creams, you can find morsels of placenta, the lining of the womb of a pregnant mother, which filters oxygen and nutrients. As mad as this may seem, the placenta could have benefits for the skin, although it has never been proven. It is generally sheep placenta that is used, but sometimes also that of humans!

    Montage: 100%Féminin ; Credits : Pixabay/Wikimedia

    6/ Cosmetics made with bull sperm

    It the beauty world, you need to know how to stand out. Certain brands have gone so far as to add bull sperm to their cosmetics (notably to conditioners and face masks). The results? Silky skin and hair….

    Montage: 100%Féminin Credits : Pixabay/Flickr

    7/ Fish pedicure

    Even if this ritual has spread to our European salons, the fish pedicure doesn’t hold much allure: immersed in a cold water bath, your feet will be attacked for a few seconds by a shoal of little fish sticking to your skin like leeches, in order to remove dead skin…..

    Credits : Flickr


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    7 genius beauty tips you’ve never heard of

    We all have our own way of doing our makeup, our hair or pampering our skin in the mornings. And at every step of the beauty routine, some secrets have been very well kept from us! Here are 8 new tips that you haven’t yet heard of, that will make you a beauty queen in the blink of an eye! 

    1/ Apply talc in between each layer of mascara to give a false lash effect

    Apply talcum powder to your eyelashes with a cotton bud between each layer of mascara, spreading it all the way to the tips. Your eyelashes will appear longer and fuller.

    Credits : funkyhijabi.com

    2/ Make the shape of a cross on your lips for a fuller mouth

    With your lip liner, make the shape of a cross on your upper lip and a dashed line at the lower extremity of the bottom lip, to give you a fuller heart shaped pout!

    Credits : Vanitynoapologies.com

    3/ Cut your split ends with ease

    Get rid of split ends without a trip to the hairdresser! To do so, take a section of hair and twist it into a roll, cutting off the straggly bits that stick out -these will be the split ends. Natural result guaranteed!

    Credits : ringfingertanline.com

    4/ Use white eyeliner to accentuate the bow shape of your upper lip

    With a white pencil or eyeliner, accentuate the contours of your upper lip to create the ‘heart’ or ‘bow’ shape that you love.

    Credits : Traciethediva.blogspot.com

    5/ Touch up your French manicure using an elastic band

    Is your French manicure past its best? Arm yourself with a thick elastic band and wrap it around your fingertips to use it as a stencil.

    Credits : paperraindrops.blogspot.com

    6/ Dry your hair with a t-shirt or a pillowcase for perfect curls

    The traditional towel with its thick fibres can break, dry and deaden your hair. Go for a cotton t-shirt or a pillowcase instead. The secret to intact curls!

    7/ Apply lip balm to your fingers to avoid getting nail varnish around your nails

    To avoid getting nail varnish on the skin around your nails, apply lip balm around your cuticles in advance.

    Credits : Makeup.com


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    5 DIY beauty tips that won’t cost you a penny!

    Beauty recipes with cheap natural ingredients

    We are not all blessed with a huge budget for beauty products, or skin that can withstand the amount of additives and chemicals often added to our favourite cosmetics. To save time and see even more effective results, why not try some DIY! Here are a few beauty recipes you can try at home, that won’t cost you a penny!

    1/ Honey + bicarbonate of soda = A blackhead mask

    Well known for treating spots, bicarbonate of soda is equally effective for blackheads. Only use this mask once a week, as even if it is completely natural, bicarbonate of soda is abrasive.

    1/ Mix two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda with one teaspoon of honey and a little mineral water, in order to form a paste.

    2/ Apply the paste to the treatment areas with light massaging movements.

    3/ Leave on for a maximum of 5 minutes.

    4/ Rinse with lukewarm water.

    2/ Honey + olive oil + sugar = a natural lip scrub

    Sugar is a great natural exfoliant, softened by honey and olive oil.

    1/ Mix one dessertspoon of dark sugar with one dessertspoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil.

    2/ Apply gently to your lips in circular massaging movements.

    3/ Allow to dry and then rinse.

    4/ Apply a little lip balm to your lips to re-hydrate them.


    3/ Natural yoghurt + honey + ground almonds = a facial scrub

    Exfoliate your face at least once a week with this beauty treatment to remove any residue left on your skin from smog and pollution.

    1/ Mix a small pot of sugar free natural yoghurt with two dessertspoons of ground almonds and a teaspoon of honey.

    2/ Apply the mix to your face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth.

    3/ Leave to work for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

    Credits : phunuvagiadinh.vn

    4/ DIY Coffee Scrub (with sugar and olive oil/coconut oil) = an anti-cellulite body scrub

    Coffee grounds -what is left in the filter after your morning coffee -are not just for throwing down the sink! Recycle them with this beauty recipe to help keep your legs soft and smooth!

    1/ Place your coffee grounds in a bowl.

    2/ Add a drizzle of olive oil or coconut oil and mix.

    3/ Use the resulting mixture in the shower, rubbing in to your legs in circular movements. Your skin will magically feel smooth and satiny, and cellulite won’t be long disappearing.


    5/ Shampoo + washing up liquid + alcohol = a solution for washing makeup brushes

    Don’t take the risk of your makeup brushes hardening, and having to throw them out!

    1/ Mix 60ml of shampoo with 60ml of washing up liquid and 60ml of alcohol at 90°C.

    2/ Stir it all together and pour the mixture into a small glass container.

    3/ Apply to the makeup brushes and form a lather.

    4/ Rinse and wring out excess water.

    Your makeup brushes will be as good as new, ready to make you beautiful!


    Credits : Kouturekiss.com


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    10 of the craziest beauty accessories you’ve ever seen

    Beauty accessories to scare the wrinkles off your face!

    Lip inflators, nose reshapers, or eyelid trainers -a variety of torture instruments to correct a myriad of flaws you may not have even known you had! Here is an astonishing list of the wackiest of these accessories, that have nonetheless gained some success in Asian countries. The verdict???

    1/ The nose reshaper

    Is your nose too hooked, or not narrow enough? With this friendly little torture device, you can alter its shape and form without ever leaving the house! (In fact, leaving the house with any of these on should be strongly discouraged…)

    Beauty lift high nose

    2/ Eyelid trainer

    Do your eyelids have a tendency to droop? Worry no longer, with this bizarre frame, they’ll be open wide in no time!

    Japanese Eye Lid Trainer

    3/ Lip inflator

    An invention coming to you straight from Japan: plastic lips that will plump your pout in just 3 minutes a day!

    Facial Slimmer

    4/ Anti-wrinkle mask

    Nope, it’s not your usual face mask, but a plastic mould that will bring you back down memory lane, to the beloved orthodontic headgear of your adolescence! Worn every night, nothing will beat it in the fight against wrinkles.

    Credits : japantrendshop.com

    5/ Anti-wrinkle glasses

    This time, it’s eye bags that are being targeted with these stylish glasses.

    Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses

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    11 Beauty tips that will save you time and money!

    Reduce the amount of time you spend in the bathroom

    You think you know all the beauty tricks that exist? Some of them may still be unknown to you… Here are 11 extra tips that will save you precious time in the morning in your bathroom. Let’s go!

    1/ Aluminium paper to remove nail varnish quicker

    Wrap your nails in cotton wool soaked in solvent, then wrap it in aluminium foil and leave for about 10 to 15 minutes. The result is magic with no stained skin!

    Crédits : nihrida.com

    2/ Coconut oil makeup remover

    Do you no longer have cleansing milk on hand or have lost your make up remover? Do not panic, coconut oil will work wonders on your stubborn makeup, while moisturizing your skin and wrapping it in a delicious exotic fragrance!

    Crédits : Greekfood-tamystika/Pixabay

    3/ A fast, smudge-free nail art with a simple dressing

    Who would have thought of bandaging a finger with a simple dressing to achieve perfect nail art?

    4/ Dry your hair faster by using a t-shirt instead of a towel.

    You will save lots of time!

    5/ A credit card for perfect eyeliner

    You just have to follow the perfect geometric line of your card, like a stencil, and the trick is played!

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    12 beauty tips using a toothbrush

    Do not throw away your old toothbrush, you could use it!

    Offer a new life to your old toothbrush, which has served you for months! You may still be unaware of the possibilities it can offer you in terms of beauty: wash your makeup brushes, your hairbrushes, tweezers and razors, or curl your eyelashes. Give your toothbrush a good clean and start using it again!

    1/ Eliminate frizz

    Tumble your rebellious locks and unsightly frizz by spraying a little hair spray on your toothbrush, and using it like a hairbrush at problem places.


    2/ Clean your hairbrush

    Nothing as accurate as a toothbrush to clean all your combs and used hair brushes.

    Crédits : myorganicjourney11.blogspot.com

    3/ Exfoliated your lips

    Like a real scrub, gently rub your toothbrush on your lips, to soften them considerably.

    Capture vidéo : Sengun Dogan/YouTube

    4/ Give your hair some volume

    Use your old toothbrush to back comb your hair gently, or apply dry shampoo more accurately.


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    8 Unique models that break the codes of beauty

    Goodbye perfect body!

    More and more brands seem to be betting on body imperfections in their promotional campaigns. Desigual, Benetton, Dove or Calvin Klein, model perfect bodies that have been edited to be even more perfect have been forgotten. Instead real bodies that the everyday woman can relate to and identify with. A good way to break away from the typical model mould and showing that everyone is beautiful.

    1/ Chantelle Brown-Young and her vitiligo

    This pretty Canadian has vitiligo (a skin disease) and from a young age was spotted on Instagram. Since then, everyone wants her in the fashion campaigns! She was chosen to represent the Desigual brand.


    2/ Madeline Stuart, Downs Syndrome

    Affected by Downs Syndrome, this 18-year-old Australian became a model, even parading at New York Fashion Week recently. The disability did not hold her back from her childhood dream.

    Madeline Stuart, a model with Down syndrome who we've written about before and who will be walking at New York Fashion Week this year.

    3/ Tess Holliday, XXL model

    118 kilos for 1 meter 65, Tess really raises the bar for big sizes! With its well-known covers of magazines,  with her voluptuous shapes, she mocks the standards of beauty and wants to help the women of larger size be body confident.


    4/ Jillian Mercado, with paralysis

    Suffering from muscle paralysis, Jillian is a fashion editor and model in her spare time. One can notably admire its pretty face to the rock cut in the campaigns for Diesel jeans.


    5/ Lauren Wasser, leg amputee

    Amputee of a leg since she was infected with Toxic Shock Syndrome (affection associated with hygienic tampons kept in for too long), Lauren did not change her habits: always a model, she continues and incidentally , fighting to pass a law preventing the risks of the disease.


    6/ Moffy Gathorne Hardy with cross eye

    At first glance, there is no indication that the pretty brunette has a disability: perfect body, perfect measurements, glowing skin and luscious lips, Moffy has everything for a top model! But to look more closely in detail: she squints. This does not prevent the mannequin from being present on magazine covers!


    7/ Daphne Selfe, hip OAP

    Fashion does not stop at old age… At 83 years old, Daphne poses for big names in photography and works for world-renowned brands. Finally a little wisdom in this carefree world!

    Daphne Selfe & Friends - hands up


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