9 Tricks to obtain a manicure like a pro!

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Unfortunately we can’t all afford to go to regular nail salons to get perfect manicures which need touching up when they get chipped, grow out or if you want them to be removed. For a more economical option you can do your nails yourself and the more you practice the better your will be! 

Some nail techniques can appear to be difficult to do but when you know a few little handy tricks then you will find it easier and start having nails that look like a pro! We have a list of techniques on how to easily remove nail varnish, remove stains, take of glitter polish… Your nails will look fantastic!

1) How to heal cuticles?


1) Soak your nails in some warm water for 5 minutes to soften your cuticles.

2) Using a wooden stick, push back your cuticles.

3) Prepare a mixture of three spoonfuls of cream with one spoonful of olive oil.

4) Apply the mixture onto your nails and cuticles. Put your hands into a clean sock and leave them to rest inside for a few hours, or even a night. You will have softer cuticles!

2) Choose your nail shape


There exists lots of different nail shapes. Up to you to choose which shape you like and goes with your hands. When you have found the nail shape that you like, you will then be able to maintain them to get them to look the same.

3) A great way to wear and easily remove glitter nail varnish


Pour some PVA glue into an empty and clean bottle, and add a little water, and shake well. Paint a little layer onto your nails. Once dry apply your glitter nail varnish. You simply have to gently scratch it off to remove it.

4) Dip your nails into glitter for unique colours


Whilst your clear nail varnish is still wet, dip it into some loose glitter. Once dry you can then rub it off your skin.

5) Make your nail varnish brighter by using a white base coat


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