8 ways to prevent static hair


Almost all the seasons are a calvary for our hair. In the summer, chlorine discolours them and the sea salt damages them. In winter, they are electric at will, come to life on our heads and make us all crazy. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can tame them!

1/ Fight dry hair

One of the greatest enemies of hair is dryness. Hair becomes electric more easily when they are dry, which is why they are even more electric when the weather is also dry and cold. So that they are not too dehydrated, it is better to avoid drying them at an elevated temperature, to wash them with a shampoo stripper that contains sulphates, to colour your hair, or straighten them at high temperatures… So best to dry your hair naturally in the open air (make sure not to get cold) and use very nourishing shampoos.

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2/ Avoid wearing certain materials

There are certain materials that conduct electricity better than others, especially synthetic materials such as acrylic. It is better to wear natural materials, this will limit the extent of the damage a little.

3/ Thicken fine hair

Fine hair is most likely to be electric. Indeed, the lighter they are, the more likely they will fly away. If you have fine hair, it is better not to go to the hairdresser to get layers because when the tips are thinned, they will become more electric. It is certainly not possible to change the nature of your hair but adapted care would not hurt them.

4/ Don’t use the tumble dryer

Although it is winter and this is the worst time to dry your laundry outside, it is best to avoid the dryer. If, unfortunately, you have no choice but to use it, interrupt the drying program before it is finished so that your laundry is not totally dry and therefore less electrically charged.

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5/ Humidify the air

Be aware that not only dry hair tends to fly more easily but also the dry air makes hair even more electric. If you have an air purifier (or if you can, buy one), it may make your life a little easier. Alternatively, you can always place a cup of water near a radiator to moisten the room air you want to moisten.

6/ Choose the best brush

Your hair brush has its role to play with regards to the electrical charges of your hair. It is best to avoid brushing your hair too often. Like the materials of the garments, the brushes and the combs must also preferably be made of natural materials such as wood, horn and natural hairs (wild boar hair). You can also buy an ion brush that compensates the electricity generated by our hair by sending opposite ions.

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7/ Rinse with hot water

Cold water is recommended to fight cellulite, raise the chest or have shiny hair. For electric hair, it is strongly advised to rinse them with hot or warm water. Before you brush your hair, you can dampen your brush or your hands and then brush your hair, so that they discharge electricity.

8/ Use hair spray

The lacquer allows to fix the hair and to avoid that they fly in the air whenever they are attracted by something. You do not have to spray all over your hair, but a little touch of lacquer at the end of your styling will hold your hair in place.