8 trends to avoid if you’re over 30!

Fashions need to adapt as we get older

Have you already passed the 30 milestone? Don’t fret, according to some, you are at your mental, physical and sexual peak! However, it may be time for a little wardrobe adjustment. Here are a few tips to help you feel good in your skin, and to blossom in full fashion!

1/ Scrunchies

In velour, tweed or check, let go of the scrunchy -they are a thing of the past.

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2/ Hello Kitty clothes

We know that you like to rock your kitty chic, but all the same…. Avoid these kinds of clothes like the plague.

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3/ Cheap clothes

If ‘Made in China’ was your lifeline when you were a poor student, these days, look to invest a little more in your clothes. If for the sake of ethics alone! Look for ethically produced fabrics and clothes. When you are over 30, it’s time to follow your morals in terms of clothing choices (and other choices too).

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4/ Platform trainers

Do you remember these platform trainers from your adolescence? Banish them! As a consolation, and if 100% necessary, you can take out your old Doc Martens.

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5/ Checkered pleated miniskirts

Like Britney wore in her first video.

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6/ Oversized tops and mismatched clothes

You’re not a self-conscious adolescent, so highlight your feminine curves!

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7/ Tights with childish patterns

Cats, dogs or hearts -stop with the childish prints on your tights! That said, you can keep ones with polka dots, stars or graphic patterns.

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8/ Long sleeves

But yes, enough hiding your body, pull out your three-quarter length sleeves, your puff shoulders and your tank tops. During your thirties, these will suit you beautifully!