8 tips to follow for beautiful healthy lips

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Lips are hugely important to how we look: they naturally add to our charm, but they also have a seductive aspect. However, they are very delicate, and it’s important to take care of them! Follow these 8 tips to keep your lips healthy and beautiful. 

1/ Protect them from the sun and moisturise them

Your lips are very sensitive to the sun’s rays: to protect them, use a lip balm with UV protection on a daily basis, which will also hydrate them.

It is better to go for products made from vegetable ingredients: honey, sweet almond oil, aloe vera or even shea butter are all very good examples.

2/ Drink water

Credits : Coco Images / Pexels

When you become dehydrated, your lips are the first place it will show: good hydration is the key to healthy lips.

3/ Avoid tobacco

It is proven that tobacco destroys your teeth and causes staining and yellowing, but it also harms your lips! It accelerates ageing of the skin and alters the natural moisture of your lips. Another good reason to give up smoking!

4/ Exercise your lips!

A number of quick little exercises in your ‘facial gym’ will help you plump your lips up.

  • Pronounce the letters “O” and “I” one after another, around 50 times.
  • Pout your lips as much as possible and hold the position for around ten seconds.
  • Bring your lips together inside your mouth as if you were spreading your lipstick. Hold for 10 seconds and relax.

5/ Consider an exfoliating scrub

Dead cells quickly accumulate on your lips, and you can recognise these by the appearance of little pieces of dry skin that tend to come off. Removing them is not the solution however, as you could damage your lips.

Scrubs are therefore recommended. There are many possibilities: make them from sugar, honey or even salt!

You can, for example, mix a dessertspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of fine salt and apply it to your lips, massaging it in. Rinse well afterwards with mineral water.

Adding granulated sugar to your cleansing milk is another option. Many other varieties exist, but the most common is a mixture of sugar and honey: this is also well known for its softening and hydrating properties.

You can also exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush: remove the dead skin cells every morning by brushing them with the soft bristles. You will have fuller, softer lips!

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