8 tips for curling your hair with what you have to hand

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Do your dream of naturally curly hair? Stunning waves like Cara Delevigne? But are you quickly losing hope with your fine, limp hair, that doesn’t want to do anything but lie flat? Well say goodbye to lifeless hair with these DIY tips, to give you no-cost curls even without a curling iron!

1/ Using a scarf

Make a ponytail and roll the hair around a scarf, from the tips to the base. Tie the scarf making a knot at the back and go to bed. Wait for the surprise the next morning!

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2/ Using hairspray

Spray your hair with hair spray. Make thick twists in your hair until they form side buns. Give them a blast of a hairdryer and unroll them to reveal pretty waves!

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3/ Natural waves using water

Dampen your hair and part it in two. Make two thick twists that you wrap into small buns. Leave it an hour or so or dry it with a hair dryer. Unroll the buns to reveal beautiful waves.

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4/ With tin foil and a hair straighteners

Cut multiple small squares of tin foil. Roll each strand of hair around your index finger and wrap it in the tin foil. With your hair straightener, heat each ‘packet’ for 5 seconds. Remove the tin foil and admire your 100% natural curls!

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5/ With plaits and a hair straighteners

Make plaits in your hair and heat them from top to bottom with a hair straighteners. Take down the plaits and look in the mirror!

6/ With a twisted crown

Part your hair in two and form twists. Drape the twists over the top of your head and fix them in place in the shape of a crown, which you keep in place either all day or overnight.

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7/ By making mini-buns

With several strands of hair, make mini-buns all over your head. Leave them in overnight to reveal bouncy curls the next day.

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8/ With a simple hair tie

Part your hair into two sections and tie the sections together, in two twists around your neck. Leave the twists in overnight.


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