8 original ways to let your guy know you’re pregnant

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Sure, it takes two to tango, particularly when it comes to baby making. But you are the one with the inside track! And it’s not all good: your other half isn’t the one having to deal with nausea, mood swings and weight gain for the next nine months! So we reserve the right to take pleasure in creating a little suspense, and keeping our guys wondering! Here are a few very original ideas to let him know that he is soon to be a dad.

1/ On his computer background

So your man hates it when you go at his computer. But when he discovers the photo of the ultrasound, or the little text you have placed on his screen saver, he’s sure to come out of his bad humour!

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2/ Write him a letter

Before going to work, write him THE letter! Which you leave beside his coffee mug. And just imagine the effect! The only thing is that you won’t be there to see his face… A shame…

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3/ In a Kinder Surprise

Is your man as big a chocolate addict as you are? Make him doubly happy! By slipping a soother or another baby related object into the shell, you are sure to make his day. Or at least, we hope!

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4/ With hidden objects

If you like treasure hunts, and often leave little surprises around the place, flagged with post-its, you can easily continue your hide and seek games by spreading some soothers etc. around your apartment. Eventually, he’ll get the picture!

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5/ With a drawing

If your other half doesn’t understand your coded messages, you can always draw him a picture, which you can hang on the fridge.

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6/ On an advert in the paper

If your man is an avid reader of the Sunday papers, you can try out a daring surprise, if you have the money: buy some advertising space near his favourite columns! He may never again read the paper in peace….

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7/ During a romantic meal

There’s nothing better than a romantic meal for delivering the news: you can put your pregnancy test in the middle of the table like a special centre-piece, so that he knows what’s going on!

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8/ Enlist the help of your first child

If you already know the joys of motherhood, you can always use your first child to help you out: bribed with a few sweets, they’ll be delighted to gently announce the happy news to their daddy!

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