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8 little-known tips for good skin

The beauty routines that the cosmetics industry don’t want you to know about…

Taking off your makeup at night, daily moisturising or doing nightly face masks, as well as the numerous beauty tips we’ve always heard from experts…. But some of this advice is now being questioned: is it really a good idea to use chemical products to wash your skin at night, even if you don’t wear make up? Is a sunscreen chock full of chemicals not dangerous for your skin? Here are a few little-known tips to help you keep your skin looking young and fresh.

1/ Splash your face with very cold water

In the morning when you wake up, splash your face with very cold water to firm up your pores and give your skin a good wake up call!

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2/ Avoid wearing too much makeup

The ideal would be to not wear makeup at all. In fact, most commercial foundations contain toxic substances that can block your pores.

Credits : Jura Photography/Pixabay

3/ Be sure not to take too much sun, even if you are wearing sunscreen

Even with a good layer of SPF, prolongued exposure to sunshine can age your skin. In addition, commercially produced sunscreens, even the ones you buy in the chemist, are not free from ingredients that can harm both your skin and the environment. Try to buy bio-products, or make your own.

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4/ Limit your intake of gluten

You may not know it, but there is nothing worse than white flours (contained in breads, pastas and cereals) to ruin your complexion! In fact, gluten, when regularly consumed, can dullen your skin and make you look tired. Gluten free alternatives are readily available.

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5/ Go to bed earlier

Your skin really benefits from rest -you’re sure to have noticed that when you wake after a good night’s sleep, your skin appears softer and you have fewer imperfections. If you can’t sleep in the next morning, it seems that going to sleep before 11:30pm is the most effective, even if you have to get up at 6!

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6/ Only moisturise your skin when you feel it needs it

Contrary to what you may have heard, it is not strictly necessary to moisturise morning and night. According to certain studies, the opposite is true: when your skin gets used to regular moisturising, it can become dependent on it, and feels dry without it. Only use moisturiser when you notice your skin feeling dry. There is no fixed time for this!

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7/ Reduce refined sugar in your diet

Refined sugar is a real killer of the skin’s natural barriers and defences! It can give your skin a dull, tired effect, if not cause pesky pimples. Swap commercially produced sweet treats with home made goods and replace white sugar in your recipes with agave nectar, maple syrup or coconut sugar.

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8/ Consider changing your contraception

If you can, we would recommend that you review your choice of contraceptive. Often prescribed to teenagers to improve the quality of their skin and prevent spots, in the long term, the pill has no better effect on your skin than a placebo. Certain women have noticed their skin brightening when they stopped the pill. It costs nothing to try.

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