8 fun things to do with your boobs!

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Are you home on a rainy day, with nothing to do? You can always admire your breasts and observe how multi-functional they are!! You might be surprised! Here are 8 funny things you can do with your boobs, that will help you get to know yourself better!

1/ In front of a mirror, stimulate your nipples and observe what happens

Put yourself in front of a mirror and stimulate your nipples. You’ll soon see the incredible things they can do! Hard or soft, nipples can easily move from one state to the other! With practice, you can even make one half of the nipple hard. How better to show off to your boyfriend….

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2/ Lie on your back with your breasts bare

Lying on your back, gently tap your breasts on the sides, and admire how they move forwards and back. Bewitching!

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3/ Look at them during sex

Look at your breasts while you are making love, and admire their elasticity! Even if you have very large breasts, they seem as supple as can be!

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4/ Lather them up

Make the most of your shower to lather up your breasts! Massaging them in such a way will also help you make sure they are in good health.

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5/ Perfume them

Have you always heard that perfume should be sprayed on your wrists or neck? Your cleavage can also help you emit a gentle fragrance all day long!

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6/ Use them to hold a bowl

Crisps, sweets or other snacks -your cleavage can make a very practical TV table!

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7/ Massage your chest with essential oils

On your own or with a partner, this sensual treat will make your breasts soft and oily, and provide a  delicious silky sensation.

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8/ Once in a while, wear a bra that is too big for you

At work or elsewhere, you can swap your usual bra for a loose one that is too big for you, in order to enjoy the freedom of movement for a change! The least shy among you can go without one, to sample that fantastically free feeling.

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