8 foods in your kitchen that can replace your makeup

Montage: 100Féïzena

The beauty products that live in our makeup kits are often doomed to rot in there, drowned in the mass of tubes and other containers that we don’t even see when we rummage around in the bag. Fortunately, there are multiple healthy and natural alternatives to help you out if you run out of something, if they don’t convert you fully in the long term! Because using foodstuffs as beauty products is a way of making your purchases go further, and thus a great way of saving money. Here are 8 common foods that can easily replace your cosmetics, and which can in fact be more effective!

1/ A primer made from creme fraiche

You may never have thought of using creme fraiche in anything but a pizza! However, it seems that it works miracles as a makeup base, which can be applied with your fingers to freshly washed skin. Use a pea sized amount and allow it to dry in before applying your makeup. Ideally buy organic products, sold in glass jars. Of course, it needs to be kept in the fridge.


2/ Corn starch as a matte powder

The matte powder you find in the supermarket is none other than corn starch, with a little added perfume and other chemicals. You can easily create your own for minimal cost, and without putting your health in danger by exposing your skin to chemicals. And all thanks to corn flour! You use it exactly the same as you use loose powder, simply using a makeup brush to apply it. Say goodbye to shiny skin! It also works as a dry shampoo, to freshen up your roots!


3/ Ground cinnamon as a bronzing powder

For a natural bronzed look, ground cinnamon is your new best friend! Apply it with a brush to the apples of your cheeks, the forehead, nose and chin. What’s more, its natural fragrance is delicious!


4/ A shiny lip gloss made from beeswax

No more need to spend money on gloss or Labello every few months, simply make your own!

5/ Water and sugar to tame your eyebrows

With just a little water and sugar, which you have mixed beforehand and put into a spray flask, you can finally tame frizzy eyebrows! Use an old mascara wand to help you out.


6/ Long lasting eye shadow from ground spices

It doesn’t get much easier than replacing your eye shadow with a natural alternative: spices such as turmeric and paprika can bring a vibrant colour to your eyelids. What’s more, once they are applied, these powders last much longer than classic eye shadows, even if you rub your eyes! Mix the spice of your choice with few drops of water in a small jar and apply it to your eyelids with a makeup brush. Leave it to dry and admire the effects. Simple, right?


7/ Use olive oil as a makeup remover

Are you completely out of makeup remover? Don’t panic, you can easily replace your usual one with none other than olive oil! A few drops on some cotton wool and there you go! Regardless of how strongly your makeup holds (even waterproof mascara is no match for it), chemical or otherwise, it gets rid of everything in jig time! You may even find you permanently replace your old products. What’s more, it leaves your skin hydrated, thanks to its layer of fat.


8/ Silk paper instead of oil absorbing sheets

You may be a big fan of oil absorbing sheets, which you bring everywhere with you in case your skin gets shiny in the middle of the day. However, silk paper does exactly the same job! Where can you find it? In the box with the new pair of shoes you’ve just bought!