8 fashion tips you’ve never heard of

Original tips to solve your fashion frustrations

Do your bra straps keep falling down, despite your best efforts to keep them in place? Make a racer-back bra with a simple paper clip! Has your favourite shirt seen better days? Give it back its lustre with just a little lemon juice. Here are these tips, and many more, to take fashion frustration out of your daily life.

1/ Transform your bra

With a simple paper clip, join the two straps of your bra to keep them together. Farewell to visible bra straps, hello racer-back!

Credits : Les Eclaireuses

2/ Whiten your clothes in jig time

To bring your white shirts back to their original brilliance, spray a little lemon juice on them, especially in the creases and armpits, before popping them in the machine.

Credits : Fab How

3/ Master the 25 ways to tie a scarf

With a few simple tips, a scarf offers a myriad of possibilities!

Credits: winkgo

4/ Create a brand new top from an old blouse

Are you sick of wearing the same old things every week? We hear you! Customise a tired old shirt with this simple tip, which consists of simply wrapping a little string around each shoulder strap, and attaching the two parts of the collar together with a pretty hair clip!












5/ Spruce up your belt buckles

To give your belt buckles back their lustre, soak them in white vinegar and polish them with an old toothbrush. Simple and efficient!

Montage : 100%Fé

6/ Smooth wrinkled clothes with the help of your kettle

If you don’t have time to hit the ironing board when you’re on the way out the door, instead, turn on the kettle and dangle the clothes over it. The steam will have a smoothing out effect. This also works with steam from the shower, or from a pot of boiling water.

Credits : Wikihow

7/ Soften your new shoes with a hairdryer

Are your new ballerina pumps giving you blisters? Don your thickest socks and plug in your hairdryer -a fifteen minutes blast should relax the material of your shoes and make them instantly more wearable.

Credits : Wikihow

8/ Tie-Dye your tights for an original look!

You know how to dye your hair, but when it comes to your tights, you might not be so sure! However, tie-dye tights are sure to boost your street cred! Dying them in a basin, you can work wonders!