8 easy tips to get rid of spots

Practical and easy tips to try out

Are you approaching thirty, but still have spots popping up here and there on your face, and even more on your cleavage? But what can be causing them? Here are a few remedies to easily get rid of spots and to prevent them in the long term. 

1/ Use a vegetable sponge

A vegetable sponge like the Japanese Konjac sponge can work miracles for spots. It aims to gently exfoliate the skin and calms spots by cleansing the pores daily.

2/ Don’t use facial scrubs too often

Overdoing it with facial scrubs can cause an increase of sebum or oils on your skin. Try to reduce usage and scrub only very gently. Here is a natural home made scrub, ideal for skin prone to spots: a paste made from a mix of a little bicarbonate of soda and water.

3/ Apply an essential oil to your spots to kill bacteria

Certain essential oils have antibacterial properties and are capable of quickly killing the bacteria responsible for causing spots. Rosemary, lavender, sandalwood, thyme or tea tree -apply a drop of any of these oils to each spot.

4/ Wash your face every day with an anti-acne soap

If you don’t wash your skin regularly, sebum or oily residues from the day build up on your skin. Choose a gentle anti-acne soap like Keeva Organics Tea Tree Soap for Acne, Exposed Body Wash for Acne or have a look at online reviews.

5/ Never go to bed without taking off your makeup

If you wear makeup, never to to sleep without taking it off. If you fail to do so, you risk developing spots and find yourself in a vicious circle, having to wear more even makeup to cover them up.

6/ Lemon for getting rid of spots

Cut a lemon in two and apply the fruit to the spots several times a day, to make them disappear.

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7/ Limit your consumption of alcohol, sugar and processed meats.

Foods that are fatty, too sugary or too salty are as much to blame for spots and acne as not removing your makeup properly! Limit your consumption of such foodstuffs.

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8/ Avoid touching your spots

Avoid squeezing or scratching your spots, even if, as we all know, it’s difficult not to give in!

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