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7 Tips for staying safe on a night out

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5/ Emergency

If you have been followed to a cash point and a thief is demanding you give him cash. Enter your pin backwards. The machine will recognize this and dispense you the cash whilst sending out an alert signal to the police. If you are being followed, take your hair down, if you hair is loose it is harder to be grabbed by the hair. Immediately turn to a bar, store or even someones front door and go in or knock. This will scare the person away as they will think you have reached your destination. Always keep in mind that calling 999 if you feel you are not safe if the best option.

6/ Men and Women

Don’t assume that all attackers are men, consider everyone you see as equal!

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7/ Dress appropriately

Don’t wear heels that you can hardly walk in or atleast pack a pair of flats in your bag. Not only will you have incredibly sore feet the next day and look ridiculous as you try to walk but you aren’t able to walk confidently as you get home, be able to walk faster or even run away if need be. Don’t wear exaggerated jewelry that can tempt thieves or clothing that will attract the wrong attention. Mini skirts are fine if you are in a group getting home together but alone in the dark streets is not very sensible.

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