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7 Tips for staying safe on a night out

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Enjoy your night out whilst being safe!

We have all had a night out where we have been a little reckless and had a lapse of judgement on the situation and our security, which isn’t something to be proud of or joke about. Increasingly women are being targeted whilst they are vulnerable whether it is at a festival, a nightclub or even your local pub. Alcohol is a legal high that should be consumed carefully and in moderation, as when we are drunk or tipsy we can make decisions that we wouldn’t necessarily take if we were sober.

The warmer weather is here which means more after work drinks or parties and night outs during our holidays as well as we are getting home later due to the lighter early evenings. Yet you need to be vigilant from the beginning right until the very moment you step through the security of your front door.

These tips may seem obvious to you, but are you really doing them and they should always be used including when you are away on holiday abroad. Just because you are on holiday in a different country doesn’t mean you are not safe

Here are 6 Tips on how to stay safe on a night out, ensuring you have an enjoyable time!

1/ Charged and informed phone

Before you go out, make sure that your phone is fully charged for the night ahead. A fully functioning phone will mean you can contact your friends to find out where they are, check in at home, call for emergencies or call to get someone to pick you up. Add in your contacts verified taxi companies who you can call to book for them to collect you.

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2/ Count on your friends

Before going into a busy bar, nightclub or festival have a plan with your friends. Make sure you all have each others telephone numbers, do a head count and also have a “safe” word. You can quickly get wrapped up in the music and party scene and not notice that someone is in trouble. By having a “safe” word if it gets shouted out you will all quickly be able to scramble together to help.

3/ Drink wisely

Don’t accept drinks from random strangers, no matter how strapped for cash you are. If you do, make sure you are there at the bar with them whilst they order and order something sealed or keep your eyes and hands on the drink at all time. Never leave the drink unattended and hold your hand over the top of the glass or thumb in the bottle whilst you chat, dance or move around. Don’t drink to access, it is always important that you keep your wits about you, and getting “blind” drunk will potentially put you in danger. Pace yourself and make sure you have had a good meal before you go out, and drink the occasional glass of water, this will also help prevent terrible hangovers.

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4/ Get home safe

Taxi: If you have to get home via taxi, then make sure you pre-book with a reliable taxi firm. If you have to wait for a taxi, do not venture away from the club entrance and wait there. You are near the security teams and your taxi will be able to find you easily. Do not get into an unmarked taxi cab or offer to taxi share with someone you don’t know or have just met. Have you seen the film Taken? Then you should to be aware of an extreme example of what can happen when getting into a cab with a stranger.

Bus: Plan your route beforehand, if you are new to the area make sure you are aware of where you should be going. Always take a seat at the ground floor of the bus near to the driver where they can see you.

Walking: If you must walk home, preferably don’t do it alone, walk back with friends. If you are walking home alone, do not be distracted by looking at your phone or wearing headphones where you can not hear what is happening around you. Walk in the light. Even if it is quicker to cross the park or go through a car park or alley way, don’t. Following the streets which are lit and prevent anyone from being able to hide in the shadows. Walk facing the cars driving towards you so that you can see cars approaching rather than cars coming up from behind.

Young lady walking down intimately lit street
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