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7 tips for lasting shinier hair

One dreams of shiny, vibrant, sophisticated hair….. There are simply not enough adjectives to describe healthy hair. Good news this dream is no longer unattainable! Here are ten tips to obtain healthy hair, and catch peoples attention!

1/ Know how to identify what type of hair you have

Dry hair, very dry, normal, mature or coloured? The first thing to do is to know the nature of your hair. You are then able to choose the correct hair treatments in order to have a good result.


2/ Gently wash your hair

Your hair is often aggressed by environmental factors such us sun, wind, the cold and pollution. Don’t add to it. Wash your hair gently preferably every three days. Shampooing you hair has  two  harmful effects: they increase the production of sebum which creates greasy hair roots at the same time stripping the rest of your hair of sebum and leaving it drier. Change your habits and invest in a dry shampoo which will help you to space out washing it.

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3/ Detangle your hair

Detangle your hair carefully and gently with the help of a large plastic or wooden comb in order to not pull them out.


4/ Protect your hair fibre

Hair dryers are not good for your hair fibre. Having said that it is difficult to do things alternatively when one has an event or one doesn’t want to catch a cold…. When you can’t leave your hair to dry naturally use special hair treatments which protect your hair from the heat of the hair dryer. Tilt the head of the hair dryer towards the bottom (in the direction in which your hair grows) in order to limit hair damage. A fan of  perfect hair straigntening? Don’t overdo the use of a hair straightener even if it is a daily essential for you.


5/ Adopt a healthy lifestyle

There is no secret to healthy hair as what one consumes has a direct consequence on the state of ones hair! Greasy food or food which is too sweet will only add to the secretion of sebum which can be annoying! Your lifestyle will undoubtedly have an impact on your hair (as in the case of your skin, nails and teeth.) Adopt a healthy lifestyle which has a balanced diet in order to help your hair to shine and be in good condition.  Almonds are an excellent hair growth booster and avocado is excellent at hydrating dry hair. A diet rich in proteins, iron, zinc and vitamins B and E are extremely beneficial for your hair.


6/ Do sport

Sport enables your body to eliminate toxins. When one transpires the body secretes sebum.   This helps to nourish your hair. Do sport in order to have shinier, healthier hair!


7/ Stress less!

Easier to say then do… But stress contributes to hair loss, favorises the production of excess sebum and unwanted dandruff. Opt to take magnesium supplements in order to give your health a boost and release pressure.


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