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7 tips for having sex during your period

Couple taking a shower during which a man touches a woman passionately

Thinking about having sex when you have your period?

Your libido is on overdrive and your other half is willing and able, but oh no! Alas, alack, what else but your period arriving unannounced! With a new guy on the scene, okay, we understand that you might prefer to use your pill to defer the date a little, but in a long term relationship, why not dare to go where no man has gone before! (Or your particular man, as the case may be….) It also appears that sex and periods can go very well together in terms of sensation, which can be enhanced tenfold. Here are a few tips for taking a tumble in the hay, regardless of the time of the month.

1/ Cover the sheets with a towel

To protect your bed sheets, slip a towel under your bum (or your partner’s, depending on who is the ‘lead dancer’, so to speak). Ideally a large towel that you are not too attached to! (Keep the Egyptian cotton for the visitors…..) This way, you won’t have to spend hours the following day scrubbing at stains.

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2/ Use a condom

We know the guy’s reaction when we broach the subject, possibly pulling a disgusted face at nothing but the mention of having sex during the ‘critical period’. However, we can never say it enough to them, your blood is not dirty, and in fact there is nothing more natural. To introduce him gently to the idea, use a condom, so he can protect his precious member!

3/ Stick to the missionary position

Lying on your back can limit the flow of blood. If your flow is very heavy, avoid changing positions. If you are lucky enough to have light periods, you can contort yourself into any position you like, just keeping a quick eye on the towel to make sure it is still there.

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4/ Ask your partner to go easy

Very deep penetration may not work for you during this delicate period, because the base of your uterus could be lower and more sensitive. Tell him to take things slowly.

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5/ Make love in the shower

By far the best way to make love during your period. With the flow of water from the shower, your own flow will go unnoticed! What’s more, all positions are permitted, without worrying about making a mess.

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6/ Try at the start or the end of your period

Sure, everyone to their own, you’re free to make your own choice on this one, but sex at the start or end of your period could make for a more pleasant experience for you and your partner, than in the middle of the torrential floods!

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7/ Enjoy the sexual advantages provided by your period

Did you know that making love during your period can increase pleasure tenfold in certain women? It can also help bring your period to an end (thanks to the muscular contractions during orgasm), and it can relieve cramps. With so many advantages, how can you resist giving it a whirl?!