7 tips for having a safe night out and getting home hassle free

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Make the most of your nights out!

Even if we are strong, capable women, sometimes, under the effect of the tipples we sipped on throughout the evening, we can become more vulnerable. At other times, the simple fact of being alone at a party, or while returning home, is enough to put us at risk. Here are a few things you can do to have a safe and secure night out, and to ensure you’re not worrying about the end of the night.

1/ Charge your telephone and add important contacts

Make sure your telephone is fully charged before going out, and bring your charger with you just in case. It is important that your contacts list is up to date, and that you have added anyone you will need to meet throughout the evening. Include a taxi number and any emergency numbers, because you just never know…..

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2/ Agree a special security word with your friends

Before going into a bar, a club or a festival, make sure you have the phone numbers of all the people you are with, as well as your friend’s numbers. Also agree on a special security word that you can call out if you don’t feel safe. The faster the response, the better.

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3/ Keep an eye on your glass

Never accept a drink from a stranger, if you haven’t seen it being served. You are even safer if you order at the bar, while he pays. Never take your eyes off your drink and don’t leave it with anyone you don’t know well. Also keep an eye on it when you are dancing or chatting.

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4/ Don’t drink too much

It goes without saying, when we are drunk, we are much more easily influenced, and have much less control. You don’t want to wake up in a tricky situation the next morning!

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4/ How to get home alone without hassle

In a taxi: Pre-book your taxi with a reliable company. While you wait, stay near the door of the pub or club, near the security staff. Never get into an unofficial taxi and don’t share a cab with anyone you don’t know.

On the bus : Plan your itinerary in advance, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Sit as near as possible to the driver so that you can be seen.

On foot: Ideally try to get a friend to accompany you. Otherwise, avoid being distracted by texting or listening to music, as you need to be able to hear what is happening around you. Walk in well lit streets and areas, and make a detour if needed to avoid deserted areas. Walk against the traffic so that you can see cars approaching.

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5/ Get out of difficult situations

If you feel that you are being followed, take your hair down (hair that is tied up, for example in a pony tail, is easier to grab onto). Immediately take the next turn in the road and head for a door. Knock and don’t hesitate to go inside, explaining your situation. This should put your aggressor off, who will believe you have arrived at your home. You can also call the police if you don’t know what else to do.

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6/ Women can also be aggressive

Don’t trust women you don’t know just because they are women! They can also have bad intentions, at times.

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7/ Dress conveniently

Don’t wear sky high heels that will prevent you from walking or running. Or carry a pair of flat shoes in your bag for walking home. Don’t wear extravagant jewellery that could tempt thieves, or very revealing clothes that could attract the wrong sort of attention. Wearing a mini-skirt when you’re walking home with friends is no problem, but could become problematic if you are walking home alone down dark streets. In short, adapt your outfit to your circumstances.

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