7 surprising things women find sexually attractive

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The things that add to our desire (or don’t!)

Whether you’re a man or a woman, everyone has their own sexual whims, physical preferences and carnal desires, that can boil down to a few specific details, criteria or behaviours. But sometimes, we don’t know exactly how to explain why we fancy this or that guy, and why it drives us wild when he puts his jacket around our shoulders in case we get cold! Here are a few surprising facts about female sexual attraction.

1/ The material of his clothes

According to a surprising study, the material of a guy’s clothing plays a role in physical attraction. A man that wears pants made from electrostatic material, such as polyester, is considered much less attractive than a man who wears jeans or cotton trousers…. Good to know!

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2/ Men that physically look like us

An astonishing study using computer simulation concluded that people are more sexually attracted by faces that resemble their own.

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3/ The perfumes that smell least like cologne

Apparently, we find men who wear cologne repulsive! At least this is what was shown by a study in which they measured blood flow to the vagina when women were presented with different odours.

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4/ Men who have good looking children

A strange claim, but this is nonetheless what was found in a Slovakian study, which presented women with photos of several men and their sons. Results: many average looking men were given very high marks because their sons were angel faced!

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5/ Men who wear red

It has been shown by multiple studies that women are more attracted to men who wear red, rather than other colours….

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6/ Porn films

We may believe that women are impervious to porn, and that it’s only men who like it. Well think again! We enjoy watching bodies intertwining as much as our male counterparts!

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7/ A comfortable income and a stable situation

Yes, it’s a cliché, but a study led by an American university reported that more than half of the women surveyed felt more sexually attracted to well-off men. A study that could be interesting to repeat on this side of the Atlantic…

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