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7 surprising beauty objects that look more like instruments of torture!

Montage : 100Féminin/Credits: FaceWaver/AliExpress

Maybe the first time your other half caught a glimpse of your eyelash curler, you were met with a quizzical look, wondering what use you could possibly have for this instrument of torture! And maybe you even took pleasure in drawing out the suspense and making him guess. The same for the beauty blender, the little makeup sponge whose cosmetic use may not exactly be obvious at first glance. Here is a list of truly off-the-wall beauty tools, that will make you realise your own makeup kit is very mundane and ordinary!

1/ An anti-wrinkle mask

This strange mask is supposedly a great ally in getting rid of wrinkles and smoothing your face, by forcing your face into bizarre facial exercises!

Credits: FaceWaver

2/ A false lash applicator

A 100% plastic instrument which promises a perfect false lash line! The white part takes the glue and the blue part allows you to hold the lashes.


3/ A curling pencil

Curl your hair without heat, with this tiny little instrument: a mini curler! By wrapping your hair around it and forming mini buns which you wear all day long, you can recreate some elegant vintage curls!


4/ A lip stamp

A somewhat surprising invention: a lip stamp. Apply it to your lips like a stamp, in the lip colour of your choice. We just hope the model matches the size and shape of your lips….


5/ A mascara applicator

To prevent your mascara from smudging during application, try out the Mascara Guard, a gadget that is quite frankly useless for holding your pose…


6/ The beauty spoon

The beauty spoon is an ingenious tool that means you will never again waste even a drop of your khol eyeliner. Thanks to its integrated spatula, say goodbye to waste!


7/ T-Rex clips

With such a name, these new-generation hair clips would have you running for the hills! That said, they could help you out when styling your unruly hair.


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