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7 natural tips to trigger a late period

Control your menstrual cycle with these natural tips

Are you heading off on a camping trip next week, and you REALLY want your period to have come and gone beforehand? Are you worried that you are pregnant, and would would like irrefutable proof that you aren’t? Or are you simply a few days late and would like to speed things up? Given that  your periods are a natural phenomenon that don’t always start when they are ‘supposed’ to, you can, with the aid of these tips, control your menstrual cycle and make your period come a little sooner. Here are the tips to make it happen:

1/ Take medicinal plants

Plants, although they are natural, can sometimes be as powerful as prescription medication. It is said for example that certain plants can trigger false labour. Study their effects and side effects well before making any purchases. Keep in mind that there are multiple varieties that can bring on an early period: Chinese angelica, motherwort, white peony, or black cohosh (actaea racemosa).

Credits : Kerdkanno/Pixabay

2/ Eat fruit and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C content

The Vitamin C contained in certain fruit and veg (but also in the form of health supplements) builds the walls of the uterus and promotes contractions, and by extension, the start of your period. Go for green vegetables, citrus fruits, kiwis or tomatoes.

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3/ Drink parsley tea

Parsley leaves contain apiol and myristicin, substances known for contracting the uterus. Even if these effects are not clinically proven, certain women have noticed that when they drink parsley tea, their periods arrive earlier. It costs nothing to try, and in any case parsley is good for your health!

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4/ Add turmeric to your meals

Turmeric is known for relieving period pains. It is also sometimes used in certain populations for triggering late periods, even if the phenomenon has not been scientifically proven.

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5/ Change your habits to reduce stress

Late periods are often due to stress, which affects the part of your brain that regulates hormones and triggers your periods. Rest, relax, meditate, do yoga, take a bath -in short, reduce stress by any means possible!

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6/ Don’t do too much sport

Excessive sporting activity can lead to late periods. In fact, many high level athletes have only very light periods, which in some cases are almost non-existant.

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7/ Change your method of contraception

The contraceptive pill can wreak a lot of “collateral damage” on your body. A change can sometimes lead to several months without so much as a drop of blood… Ask your gynaecologist for advice.

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