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7 male contraceptives that could allow us to forget about the pill

We’re not the only ones who have to be responsible

Did you know that men have more than one means of contraception at their disposal? Obviously, they haven’t told you about it. Did you also know that many medications designed for women are tested on men first to ensure their efficacy? Another thing that it seems they want to keep hidden from us. After ten years on the pill, don’t you think it’s your beloved’s turn carry the baton? Obviously, trust is a must.

1/ The contraceptive pill for men

Even if it’s not quite ready, laboratories are broaching the subject, and it’s not the first time either. Soon, it will be up to him to get the cold sweats when he realises he has missed a day! We’ll see how well he can be trusted, but he should remember, trust can’t be gained in advance!

Credits : Pixabay/Pexels

2/ Heated underpants

A heated pair of underpants that work as a thermal contraceptive? We can understand your reservations. And you are well within your rights to doubt, as this method is not 100% effective! But how does it work? The principle: wearing a ‘heated’ underpants should reduce the production of sperm. Glamorous, huh?

Credits : Pixabay/KlausHausmann

3/ The traditional condom

A classic option, rarely suggested by your other half!

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4/ A vasectomy

An extreme method, but for couples who are sure that they do not want to have children, it’s the one that works best: you have no more than a 20% chance of pregnancy. Doesn’t seem exactly fool proof however…..

Credits : Pixabay/Madeinitaly

5/ Hormonal injection

Specialists claim that this hormonal injection works with 96% efficacy. This method, based on the same idea as the contraceptive pill, consists of injecting progestin hormones that are meant to temporarily stop the production of testosterone. If you’re going to go for it, your other half better not be afraid of needles!

Credits : Pixabay/Valelopardo

6/ Ultrasound

Regularly exposing your lover’s testicles to ultrasound waves for a duration of 15 minutes could be enough to make him sterile. But by reducing the dose, this technique could become interesting in terms of contraception. That said, it is still only in the experimental stage.

Crédits : Pixabay/Romijo

7/ Contraceptive gel

Not yet released from laboratories, the contraceptive gel should be available in a few years time. The idea: the gel is inserted into the vas deferens (the tube the sperm swim through) to block the release of sperm. Ethically speaking, we can’t really stand over it: the tests were carried out on poor little rabbits, who never asked for such a fate. And the chemicals that must have been used don’t bear thinking about….

Credits : Pixabay/Xavier Vandeputte