7 makeup tips to simplify your life

Do you know how to make your red lip stick last longer, apply eyeliner or create a flawless complexion like professional makeup artists?  Here are 7 tips from professional makup artists who can create miracles in front of the mirror!

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1/ How to make  coloured eye shadow last

Apply white eyeshadow in order to make your eyeshadow last as well as give it a more intense colour. When you add colour, you will see the miracle happening!

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2/ Draw the perfect eyeliner

In order to draw the perfect eyeliner you can use a little spoon. All you need to do is use the handle of it to trace a straight line and obtain a graphical result which is controlled.

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3/ A sophisticated smoky eye

Gently heat the tip of your khol with a lighter until it’s texture becomes creamy. After having allowed the tip to cool down for several seconds you can use it like a gel. For amazing smoky eyes!

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4/ An eyelash curler 10 times more efficient

In order to magnify the effectiveness of your eyelash curler you can heat it a bit with the help of a hairdryer.

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5/  XXL eyelashes with loose powder

In order to increase the volume of your eyelashes in a 100 % natural way, apply a bit of loose power between two layers of mascara. You will have bambie eyes!

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6/ Make your dark circles dissapear in the blink of an eye

In order to get rid of dark circles or bags which are detested you can apply a corrector in the form of a triangle. Apply it first onto the corner of the eye by making circular gestures, but direct it towards the bottom of the cheeks. It is a relatively unknown tip which will remove tiredness from your eyes in the blink of an eye!

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7/ Fix your red lipstick with a loose powder

Loose powder has many surprises for us! Use it to fix your red lipstick which contains many pigments : place a delicate handkerchief onto your lips and gently baste your mouth with a powder brush.

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