7 Hairstyle ideas for when it is hot

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The summer is not here yet but you might be about to jet off somewhere sunny to find some winter sun. A little sunshine immediately makes us smile, but not so much if you suffer from hair that won’t stay in place or will frizz by the slightest about of humidity. Here are 7 different hair styles that will see you through your summer or Winter Vacay!

7 coiffures pour la chaleur de cet ete (25)

1/ Plaits

The mermaid plait is timeless, don’t hesitate to wear it as often as you want! A braid will save you on hot days when the sun could wreak havoc on your hair fibers. You can even apply a little oil before plaiting, that way once detached, you find yourself with beautiful wavy hair. The braid options are endless: classic, side, bun, wild and loose, the look of Greek goddess is easily within your reach!

XXL plait:

A crown of plaits to pull your hair off your face and neck:

Cornrows :

Side plait:
Side plait:
Plaited into a chic bun like Jessica Alba:

7 coiffures pour la chaleur de cet ete (10)

2/ Scraped back

Having hair scrapped back off your face, makes it ten times easier to tan. Also the wet hair look style will give you the sex beach siren look and can be worn at night with pretty dresses for when you go to sip cocktails.

Modern mermaids:
Sexy à souhait les cheveux détachés :
Pretty for beach and evening!
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