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7 fashion tips to enhance your small chest

Do you regret that Mother Nature didn’t give you the same generous bust as your friends? Don’t despair small chests are also very sexy (and more elegant underneath bustier dresses than a chest which overflows)!Learn how to enhance your chest with these 7 fashion tips, in order to no longer be complexed.

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1/ Stop being prejudiced

Before anything, lose all your prejudices!  Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, Jane Birkin or Audrey Hepburn, who are glamorous icons from all periods in time  did/do not necessarily have generous busts yet they remain very sensual! Get inspired by the following tips below to complement your chest.

2/ Make the most of bustiers

Women with small chests suit bustiers! Bustiers allow one to reveal delicate parts of your body : shoulders, the top of your bust, neck. Make the most of them!

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3/ Wear preferably V necklines

The V neck flatters small chests without making fashion errors nor appearing vulgar. You dont necessarily have to wear a bra in order to have a sultry effect! In summer you can opt for a V neck t shirt, with a less promenant neckline accompanied by a push up bra in order to give your breasts a lift!

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4/ Wear a white shirt

Transparent,with a Peter Pan neckline, with lace or buttoned right up to the top, the white shirt will be your best bet to flatter your small chest! If you are petite opt for a oversized shirt with open buttons worn with a pair of skinny jeans and pretty heels. Girls with wide hips can opt for a fluid and soft look.

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5/ Wear tailored suits

Wear layered outfits without making fashion errors! A pale shirt or one with patterns, a slim fitted vest or a pencil skirt : the ideal outfit for going to work with elegance.

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6/ Invest in a tube dress

The tube dress or the little black dress made for small chests! Feminine and mysterious this tailored dress flatters all types of silhouettes and is very slimming. Wear it knee length with open heels. The empire line is also very flattering!

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7/A fine cashmere pullover

The cashmere pullover is a necessity in one’s wardrobe if one has a small chest! Elegant and warm it will fall gracefully on your shoulders. Opt for a slightly oversized pullover than your usual size and in a soft and pastel colour.

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