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7 fashion tips for camouflaging your bum

Fashion tips to help minimise your derriere!

Ah the classic “I hate my bum” syndrome! Checking how it looks every two minutes in the mirror, we can become mildly obsessed! And when we happen to be well-endowed in that region, choosing a pair of jeans or trousers is nothing short of an obstacle course. However, remember that bigger bums are now the height of fashion, and you are a source of envy for your skinny sisters! All the same, here are a few easy tips to camouflage your bum, if you have a bit of a complex about it (however unnecessary!)

1/ Choose trousers, jeans and skirts with large back pockets

Could you give J-Lo a run for her money? Banish tiny pockets, which could give the effect of a wider backside. Choose jeans, trousers and skirts with large pockets.

Credits : SplitShire/Pixabay

2/ Choose shape-flattering underwear

Your underwear plays a very important role -don’t overlook it! Forget granny knickers and go for thongs or push-up shorts, with a large band on top.

Credits : ErikOzSvath/Pixabay

3/ Avoid wearing tops that stop in the middle of the bum area

Tops that stop half way down your bum only draw attention to your ample derriere! Opt instead for tops that stop at the belt-line or above the bum. Tops that go to mid hip length and cut horizontal lines across your bum are to be avoided at all costs.

Crédits : Pixabay

4/ Don’t wear prints on your lower half.

Keep flowers, animals and coloured patterns for tops and shirts, because prints can give the impression of increased size and volume. Choose black, marine blue or dark brown for your trousers. Dark colours are very slimming.

Crédits : Pixabay

5/ Avoid shiny fabrics

Stop with the satins, you are not going to do your bum any favours! The same goes for soft materials (linen or viscose fabrics), which show off too much and can highlight cellulite.

Credits : Pixabay

6/ Wear dresses

Dresses, your backside’s best friend! Choose sexy pin up styles with a belt or a bustier.

Credits : Pixabay

7/ Draw attention to other parts of your body

Want to take the focus off your bum? Highlight another part of your body instead, for example, by showing off a hint of cleavage. Accessorising is also a great way of diverting attention.

Credits : Sheva Creations/Pixabay