7 facts about giving birth that no one talks about

Hiding the truth from you will do no good!

Are you terribly anxious about the idea of having a baby, if for no other reason than fear of giving birth?! Well we’re not here to hide the truth from you. However, it is important to take any information you are given with a pinch of salt, because no two births are the same -and each person can suffer different types of difficulties! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1/ When your waters break, it’s not just a little urinary leak

If it’s impending, you may want to take some precautionary measures…

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2/ Contractions are like period pains multiplied by 4

By comparison, the painful period cramps of your adolescence were a piece of cake!

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3/ The epidural, not exactly a ‘natural’ method of pain relief

To ease unbearable pain, fortunately, Madam Epidural is there to help. The epidural however is a local anaesthetic administered by a needle that could knock you out. What you are not told is that if you are a little bit on the sensitive side, you can get bad headaches and nausea (like seasickness) during the following week. Not to mention that your baby will also have been subjected to some of its effects….

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4/ When you push, it isn’t only your baby that comes out

Yes, you heard us: because of pushing so hard, other passages get in on the action and have something to offer….. Pee and poop on the festival’s agenda!

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5/ The episiotomy, a surgical cut near the vagina

You have surely heard talk of the episiotomy from your friends who have already been through it. But what is it, really? Nothing other than a surgical incision to make the vaginal opening larger, to facilitate the delivery…. Bon appetite!

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6/ Contractions continue after the birth

It’s completely normal, and post-birth contractions allow the vessels of the placenta to close and to expel any waste products in the uterus. Nature is wise, even if she is cruel!

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7/ Your periods are going to come back at high speed

No periods for nine months -you’re not getting off the hook that easily! Often, the first six weeks after pregnancy involve a very, very heavy flow. Make sure to have stocked up on sanitary towels.

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