7 easy tutorials to style long hair

Easy tutorials to make the most of your long hair

Is your hair long enough to give Rapunzel a run for her money? Then these hair tutorials are for you! Plaits, ponytails or fishtails, learn how to tame your tresses and impress at all occasions.

1/ The hair bow bun

Swap knots in your hair for a knot in your hair do -but don’t tangle it up!

2/ The side plait

Not too gone on the idea of one-side hairdos? This pretty style is sure to change your mind.

3/ A new take on the classic ponytail

Half-classic, half-original, this hairstyle can equally take you to work or to a wedding.

4/ The plaited bun

Plaited buns, yes you’ve seen them time and time again. But we’re willing to bet you’ve never seen one like this!

5/ A new type of braid

Channel your inner oriental princess with this original take on the classic braid!

6/ A quick bun

No time to spend hours carefully fixing your bun? Have a go at this quick and easy method!

7/ The headband braid

Make several thin braids and fix them across the top of your head as a DIY headband.