7 dumb guys we secretly want to flirt with -although we know we shouldn’t!

The species we hope to see on the endangered list!

Whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives, we have all been attracted by the testosterone fueled idiots who are not worth the time of day. Some ‘bad boys’ with a heart of stone is sure to have turned our heads at some point or other. Without ever being worth it. Is there truth in the popular wisdom that women like bad boys? After all, we wouldn’t like to make generalisations… However, here are 7 types of idiot that we all secretly want to flirt with, if we haven’t already done so.

1/ The lead singer in a rock band

With his romantic airs and his depressing love songs, getting off with him is a groupie’s dream -a dream we have all shared at some stage or other….

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2/ The Italian Stallion

Idiot to the core: macho, sex-obsessed and cheesy, who doesn’t care about your plans for the future, but thinks a woman’s place is in the home.

Screenshot: Friends/YouTube

3/ The Tinder Tosspot

The guy who sends you EXPLICIT messages straight from the off. But you can be sure it’s not just you who is receiving them….

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4/ The egocentric asshole

The guy that can never settle down, and who puts his own pleasure ahead of yours.

Credits : Efes/Pixabay

5/ The fast mover

The over-confident one who approaches you in the middle of the pub, and without even asking your name, tries to get you into bed.

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6/ The self-proclaimed poet

The guy who writes long melancholic stanzas, but is secretly sexting his editor….

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7/ The hottie with nothing to say

But with plenty fuel in the tank! A guy who despite his lack of brains, knows that no girl can resist him.

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