7 Disney princesses re-imagined as sexy pin-ups with real-woman curves

Montage : 100%Féminin/Screenshots Pinterest

Sexy pin-ups with generous curves

Have you ever seen a Disney Princess with a few curves? It’s unlikely…. They tend to be improbably thin and waif-like. This is why the young Australian artist Ashley Beevers decided to inject a little sensuality to the princesses of our childhood, transforming them into pin-ups, as curvy as they are sexy. We bet they would be no less beautiful in the heart of their fairtytale lands!

1/ Belle

She still has the classic dress, but it is shortened to above the knee to highlight her generous curves!

2/ Rapunzel

With layered hair and a ravaging corset, Rapunzel was never so sexy!

Screenshot: Pinterest

3/ Snow White

Rocking her grunge chic, Snow White 2.0 with her beautiful curves seems to have come straight out of a tattoo parlour!

Screenshot: Pinterest

4/ Merida

Merida, the princess in Brave, is not afraid to show off her voluptuous figure. Here she is dressed in a corset revealing her navel and alluring fishnet stockings! Screenshot: Pinterest

5/ Ariel

The Little Mermaid is smoking hot in her sexy punk style. Wow!

Screenshot: Pinterest

6/ Tiana

The heroine of The Princess and the Frog has acquired a few delicious curves.

7/ Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell has swapped her ballerina slippers for funky roller skates!

Screenshot: Pinterest

Do you like Ashleigh’s designs? Find her on Instagram: @mustashleigh or in her Etsy boutique here.