7 creative new things to try during your intimate alone time

Get to know yourself better to improve your sex life

Haven’t we always told you that masturbation is the key to a satisfying sex life? This may be easier said than done, however. Because we don’t always know exactly what to do, when we find ourselves with a little private time. And not everyone has an array of sex toys in the top drawer! Here are 7 techniques that will have you scheduling ‘alone time’ more often!

1/ Using the shower head

Or more accurately, with the jet of water from the shower head…. Adjust it to the maximum pressure and let yourself go. The water directed onto your clitoris can get you straight to where you want to go!

Credits : Pixabay/Tookapic

2/ With an ice cube

Hot and cold, a thermal contrast that can have you losing your senses! Place an ice cube in your intimate area, just at the opening of the vagina. The sensation of extreme cold compared to the heat of your anatomy could be mind blowing!

Credits : Pixabay/Werbefabrik

3/ Ben Wa Balls

Try introducing Yoni eggs or Ben Wa balls. Ben Wa balls, also known as Orgasm balls, rin-no-tama, Venus balls or Geisha balls, were first designed to strengthen the perennial muscles of pregnant women. Don’t be ashamed to add them to your tool kit! They allow you to keep on enjoying pleasurable sensations without tiring. As a further advantage they strengthen your perennial muscles, which tightens the vagina and prevents urinary leaks.

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4/ Use two vibrators at the same time

Some women use two sex toys at the same time, to get to the finish line even faster: try placing one on your clitoris, and the other on your G-Spot. Your sex life may never be the same again!

Credits : Pixabay/Stux

5/ With a chair, a pillow and a towel

Find a new way of using your pillow (which you may already have the habit of using on its own…). Accompany it with a chair and a towel: cover the pillow with a towel rolled into a suggestive shape and place it on a chair. Undress and straddle it like an Amazonian warrior princess, and find your way to your own happy place!

Credits : Pixabay/Wunderela

6/ With pearls

With a narrow string of pearls, you can create some very interesting sensations! Slide the pearls slowly between your legs and all around your intimate areas.

Credits : Pixabay/Qiye

7/ With vegetables

Do you not have your sex toy within arm’s reach? Your basket of fruit and vegetables could come to the rescue! Cucumber, courgette or green bananas, nature offers you a myriad of natural alternatives! Be sure to wash them well before use, especially if you haven’t gone organic!!

Credits : Pixabay/Semmel