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7 common lunch break errors to avoid

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Stay healthy and in shape!

When we have a busy office job, it’s not always easy to eat healthily at lunch break. However, the midday meal is an essential part of our diet, which provides the energy we need to work effectively for the rest of the day. Here are a few practical tips to put in place to stay in shape and in good health!

ERROR 1/ Eating too fast

You know it only too well, a meal eaten too quickly is not the best for your health. For one thing it’s bad for your digestion, but also for your figure, because eating fast usually means eating more. By contrast, if you take your time to chew your food slowly, you will feel full faster. The tip: put your fork down between each mouthful.

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ERROR 2/ Not eating enough

Maybe you didn’t expect this advice? However, eating too little at midday means you don’t fill up enough to keep you going throughout the rest of the day. Get rid of the lettuce, but don’t replace it with chips! A salad including whole grain cereals (quinoa, lentils, rice, etc.) and dried fruit could be the perfect compromise to avoid cravings.

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ERROR 3/ Buying ready meals

We know that it’s not easy to find the time to cook between meetings! Prepare something at home the night before, or at the end of the weekend (if you want to freeze your dishes for the week) and bring your lunchbox to work. You will eat less fats, salt and sugar, and most importantly, you will eat more healthily (as ready meals often contain lots of additives, salt and sugar). Furthermore, you’ll save a significant amount of money!

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ERROR 4/ Skipping dessert

A tip that should appeal to food lovers: don’t skip on dessert at lunch time! Okay, so we’re not saying hit the tiramisu, meringes and pastries every day… Choose a dessert that is healthy and tasty (home made granola, exotic fruits, dried fruits, or healthy cakes).

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ERROR 5/ Not leaving the workplace

You already spend a huge portion of your day in the office -why make yourself stay there during lunch as well? Get out! Have a real lunch break in which you completely disconnect from work, to be fully recharged and able for more in the afternoon!

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ERROR 6/ Going for the ‘mini dessert’ assortment in a restaurant

You honour the tradition of eating out with colleagues once a week, and we don’t blame you! But when it comes to the dessert, we bet you are proud of your choice of the mini-dessert plate with their bite sized portions, which you gobble guilt-free because they are small. However, if you only knew… In reality, 4 mini-desserts are often much higher in calories than one large dessert from the menu.

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ERROR 7/ Eating in front of the computer

Had you planned to finish the last season of Orange is The New Black, and installed yourself comfortably in front of your computer? Big mistake! Eating in front of a computer screen (or a smartphone or tablet, for that matter) makes you eat faster, and also affects your digestion because your brain doesn’t know where to look, with all the information it is trying to process!

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