6 ways to integrate adhesive tape into your makeup routine

Adhesive tape is very useful and is often made use of  in the office for many manual tasks. However the most astounding fact is that one can use it  to obtain a more precise and tapered makeup. It works so well that it won’t leave your makeup bag!

1) For a cat’s eye makeup
oeil chat
Source : Pinterest

Firstly you need to remove some of its adhesive quality by sticking it onto the back of your hand and then applying it to the side of your eye. You can easily create a cats eye effect which is well drawn and defined for a sophisticated look which is easy to achieve.

2) For a perfect eyeliner

liner parfait

Do you find it difficult to apply your eyeliner?With a piece of adhesive placed parallel to each side of your eyes, drawing  a pin up comma will become child’s play.

3) For a graphical manicure
nail art scotch
Source : Youtube/Geri Nedelcheva

With adhesive tape you can easily create  patterns.

4) So as not to have any smudges
Source :

If you are doing a marbled manucure and you wish to have a “splash of paint” effect like in the picture  or you simply make a mess of your nail polish on each application, surrounding your nails with adhesive tape will solve the problem.

5) To take off the spangles/glitter
Source : Beautylish

What is more glamorous than spangles? However it is not so glamorous when the spangles stick to your cheeks after an eye application and are difficult to remove. In order to remove  them it suffices to roll a bit of tape and then slide it gently onto the skin. The spangles will stick to it and the makeup will be perfect!

6) For a contouring which is well defined and without fault
Source : Instagram/Huda Beauty

For those who are avid makeup fans,contouring is essential in order to create a good complexion. With the Kim Kardashian craze contouring is becoming more and more present and defined. In order to obtain this effect, tape the zones in terms of what you would like to obtain.