6 Ways to do your hair with a scarf

It is well-known that a scarf is the ultimate useful and multitask fashion product. You can use itfor your neck, as a belt, on your hand bag, but also for your hair! Here are 6 tricks to easily do your hair with a simple scarf.

1 – Around your bun

Perfect for thick hair, a large bun allows you to sort of clear your face. Roll a scarf around your bun to make it even prettier.

2 – To twist your hair

If you want to have a retro but very chic hairdressing, just use your scarf and some bobby pins.

3 – As a headband

Use your scarf as a headband. Make a big node on the side and let your hair down.

4 – As a turban

Very fashionable these last seasons, the turban is really easy to make thanks to a simple scarf tied on the front of your head, and it suits both short hair and long tied hair.

5 – For a 60s look

If you want to give your hair a Brigitte Bardot look, just make a pony tail with the first half of your hair and put your scarf as a headband.

6 – Bohemian style

Get ready for summer and twist your scarf around your head, on your forehead to get a bohemian and chic look.