6 very easy tips to do your makeup like a pro

We dont always have the time to do our makeup as we would like to in the morning. No time, not wanting to do one’s makeup too quickly and ruin one’s eyeliner or simply not having the right material. Today you will discover 6 very easy tips to do your makeup like a pro.

Refine your nose

2 brushstrokes and a good foundation enables you to refine your nose and transform your face. Look how to do it on the image, it is very easy and the end result is incredible.

1 affiner-nez

Make a smokey effect quickly

Aaah, the smokey effect! Very popular for an evening look, it gives you a very captivating and attractive look. However it is quite complicated for those who are not accustomed to doing it. With this tip you can  create a smokey effect in several seconds! Firstly if you want a contrast with the black eyeliner, apply a layer of pale eyeshadow (glittery white or pale grey for example) Blend the eyeliner well with a brush.

2 smoky-eye

Successfully apply your eye-liner

If you still havent quite mastered applying your eyeliner you can always follow this foolproof advice: the piece of tape!

3 eye-liner


An application of eye makeup in several seconds

Simple and quick : you bend your eyelashes in order to apply the eye pencil. It is simply magical!

4 maquillage-oeil


Recycle your eye pencil

You no longer want to use your eye pencil as it is and you want to make an intense black gel khol? Burn it for a second with a lighter and wait for it to cool down.

5 gel-khol


Make your own blusher

You dont have a blusher but you do have a leftover lipstick. Put two little dots of lipstick on your cheekbones and blend the colour. The overall effect is magical! A fresh complexion in several seconds. However dont put too much red, you will spoil the natural effect.

6 rose-à-joue

Source : Astucesdefilles