6 unique tips for before and after hair removal

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7/ Use a men’s razor instead of a women’s one

Men’s razors are much more effective than those designed for women. And when we think about it, it makes sense. At least we are lucky enough not to have such thick hair on our faces! Men’s razors are also often more solid (made from metal instead of plastic) and keep for longer, by simply changing the blade.

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8/ Remove wax residue with lemon juice

As long as your skin hasn’t been damaged by overly rough waxing, you can apply lemon juice to freshly waxed legs if there are residues of sugar wax on them.

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9/ If you really can’t handle the pain, take a paracetamol 30 minutes before your appointment

This is a tip for the least hardy among you, but it shouldn’t be used too often: take a paracetamol tablet 30 minutes before going for a wax, followed by a hot shower (also before the appointment).

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10/ Apply tea tree oil to the relevant area to prevent ingrown hairs

Tea tree essential oil is an natural antiseptic which can prevent infections. You can also use it a few hours before hair removal to limit bacteria.

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11/ Relieve burning skin with oils

To quickly soothe your skin and ease the burning sensation after hair removal, mix a few drops of sweet almond oil with 2 drops of lavender essential oil, and apply it to any sensitive areas.


12/ Slow down regrowth with sage essential oil

Clary sage essential oil, applied after each time you wax or shave (mixing 50 drops with 30 mls of argan oil) will treat your skin, leaving it soft and silky, as well as allowing you to space out your beautician’s appointments even further! This oil in fact contains linalool, which can slow down hair regrowth.

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