6 types of plastic surgery you never would have dreamed existed

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Cosmetic surgery is best known for breasts augmentations, nose jobs, lip fillers, face lifts or tummy tucks. But who would have suspected that plastic surgeons also deal with lines on the palms of the hands, the nipples or the vagina? Here are a few examples of unusual types of cosmetic surgery.

1/ The eyebrows

Plastic surgery on the face is mainly carried out on the lips, the nose, to get rid of wrinkles or dimples. But who would have thought that some people are getting their eyebrows redone? It involves taking leg hair and grafting in onto your eyebrows, to give them a fuller appearance. How to recycle your leg hair!

2/ The vagina

Many young women get self conscious about the size of their labia, and choose to get them reduced via plastic surgery. The idealised models used in porn films are surely to blame…

3/ Lines on your palm

An unusual surgery practiced by superstitious people in Japan: changing the creases on their palms! Can surgery change the course of their lives?

4/ The back

Getting liposuction on your back is a new practice, which involves removing the fatty masses around the bra strap, which can form unwanted lumps and bumps.

5/ The nipples

Certain women hate their nipples to be too dark, and go under the surgeon’s knife to make them pinker. Others want to reduce the size of the areola, which they often feel is too large.

6/ The calves

In Brazil, men with slim calves get very self conscious about it! This is one of the reasons why calf implants are becoming more and more in vogue, a practice which consists of injecting fat into the calves to make them appear bigger.

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