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6 tips to try to conceive a girl

Influence mother nature!

Having long discussed it with your partner, you have finally decided, you are ready to be parents. As long as it’s a girl! Even if the sex of the baby can obviously never be guaranteed, it seems that several old-wives tales have proven themselves to certain happy mummies. And even if they are not scientifically proven, it costs nothing to try! You have a 50% chance!

1/ Eat foods rich in magnesium and calcium

Rice, vegetables, fruit, eggs, low sodium breads -there are so many foods rich in magnesium and calcium that could help you tip the scales!

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2/ Avoid foods rich in sodium and potassium

Like salmon, bananas, nuts, mushrooms, potatoes and tuna.

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3/ Make love between two and four days before ovulation

Here again, we have a theory that could easily be refuted, but to make sure you have every chance on your side, it’s worth a try and won’t do any harm to your health! Certain people claim that to have a girl, you need to conceive between 2 and 4 days before ovulation.

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4/ Stick to the missionary position

According to the Shettles method, the missionary position increases your chances of conceiving a girl. Some people believe it, others don’t -make your own choice!

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5/ Avoid overly deep penetration

Some people claim that the quality of the sexual encounter can influence the sex of the baby. Additionally, for a girl, penetration that is not very deep is recommended, given that the X sperm, the most resistant, has a better chance of fertilising the egg. By the same logic, the absence of orgasm could be beneficial for the X sperm, which can succeed even when it moves less rapidly to the egg, and thus may lead to the conception of a girl rather than a boy. Take it or leave it…

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6/ Make a gentle pH wash for your vagina

The vaginal pH wash, an old wives tale that has lasted since ancestral times! Although its efficacy is unknown, it poses no risk to your health. Make your own by mixing two dessertspoons of alcohol vinegar in a litre of water.

Credits : Nastya Gepp/Pixabay